Name: Gale.EXE
Element: Elec
Subtype: Wind

Gender: Female

Physical Description:

Gale is a fairly human Navi. She lacks the traditional Navi Bodysuit, and any semblance of armor. She does possess a visible emblem, but that's about it.

Gale is has a fair Netopian skin tone, which is visible thanks to her lack of bodysuit. She stands at a fairly average height, and is very slim. Between this build and her young, cute features, she tends to not strike much fear into the enemies. Gale has large, blue eyes, which seem to reflect the color of the sky.

Gale's hair is brown, straight, and stretches to somewhere around the small of her back. Over her hair she wears a gray barnstormer's cap. On each of the ear flaps of this cap sits a copy of her emblem, with a matching one on the front of the cap, under which sits a pair of goggles.

Her upper body is covered by a loose tank top, tan in color, and fairly plain. A pair of brown cargo capris adorn her legs. A bomber jacket of the same color as her cap is usually tied around her waist, separating the two. She has a pair of gloves which stretch to her wrists, and a pair of pointed cloth shoes, each the same gray color.

A series of feathers also adorn her person. Each feather starts out multicolored at the source, fading to white for most of its length. There are two feathers each on each boot and glove, and a feather hanging from each ear on an earring.


Gale's Emblem is a feather surrounded by gusts of wind, on a tan background. It sits at three points on her cap.


Gale is high in spirits. She likes enjoying life, and can get very into games and battles. She's encouraging, optimistic, and fairly easy to get along with. Due to a fair amount of conditioning, she is much more friendly to females and children; she starts out with a decent amount of skepticism towards most men.


Gale was bought by Roxxy a fairly long time ago. She had been into battling for a while, but recently decided that, along with taking her band and career in a new direction, she might start from scratch with her Net Battling as well. Or, "Gale might as well have to start over too." The two are good friends, despite occasional teasing, and look forward to the adventure.

Custom Weapon:

Gale fights with the power of the wind, usually wrapped around her extremities to grant her strikes a bit of extra punch. She can also fire the wind from these extremities for ranged hits. By rubbing airfields together, she can generate static electricity, to hit with or launch as well.

Signature Attacks:


Breezy Bash
Description: Gale delivers a strong hit, powered by her electrically-infused wind.
Effects: [40 [color=yellow]Elec[/color] dmg; Melee]
Cost: 40
Cooldown: 1 TCD


Tailwind Take-down
Description: Gale rushes the opponent, with the wind on her side, before delivery an electrically charged strike.
Effects: [Movement, 20 [color=goldenrod]Elec[/color] dmg; Melee]
Cost: 40
Cooldown: 1 TCD


Zephyr Zone-Clear:
Description: Gale takes control of the winds around her, flinging them about at high enough speeds to keep things force things away from her.
Effects: [Knockback [10] Nova2 [*2]]
Cost: 20
Cooldown: 1 TCD