NetNavi Name: Harpoonman
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Sword
A fish looking navi, with a large harpoon doused in eel venom. He can be on land, but he also needs to sometimes get some water in his gills. He is also able to float in midair, using aqua jet boots. He also has fins on his hands and feet. Plus a hole in his armor to let him breath through his gills.
Personality: He is almost like Drake. He treats people with respect, but can get pissed off, and will attack sometimes. There is one difference between him and Drake. He tends to be serious most of the time, where Drake takes things too lightly, except when he is going against a Cybeast, or something like that.
Custom Weapon: His weapon is a built-in gun in his harpoon.
Signature Attacks (60/60):

Element: Aqua
CoolDown: 1
Effect(s): Medium-Area Terrain Change: Sea
Damage: 10
Attack Attribute: Ground
Description: Harpoonman raises his spear, spins it around, and a small tsunami comes up from the ground and attacks the enemies, and leaves behind traces of water.
Cost: Medium-Area Terrain Change (Sea) = 20, Damage (10) = 10, Rest = 0, Total Amount = 30

Venomous Spear:
Element: Null
Cooldown: 1
Effect(s): Trigger, Delayed Damage Attribute (To represent Poison), Slashing
Damage: 10 damage from the normal attack, 5 damage an action for 4 actions.
Attack Attribute: Thrown
Description: Harpoonman throws his spear at an enemy. Due to it being doused with eel poison, it damages the opponent whenever it moves 4 times.
Cost: Damage (30) = 30, Rest = 0, Total Amount = 30
Total Amount = 30