Name: ViralMan

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Bug

Appearance: ViralMan's body structure is highly similar to the average NormalNavi. His face is mostly unremarkable, save for his medium length black hair and pupil-less light gray eyes. The eyes aren't really that remarkable either, being difficult to pick out from the whites unless looking from close-up. Even if you were up close, ViralMan's face would then more than likely be obscured by his helmet. The helmet is fairly simple, colored dark gray on most parts with a dark retractable visor over his eyes. Another small eyepiece can be folded down from one of the two "fins" on either side of ViralMan's helmet. They both angle upwards and to the back, each around a foot long and bearing the Navi's emblem where the ears would be. They are both a metallic gray and connect from their bases across the helmet with a thin metal strip. His Navi emblem is prominently displayed again in the center of his chest, thick white stripes running down either side of the bodysuit from his shoulders.

ViralMan's arms are covered by the same bodysuit until just after the elbow where angular metallic gauntlets take over. The knuckles are fitted with various mechanisms used during combat, though this isn't outwardly apparent. The stripes running down his body also continue down his legs to two plain gray boots, the same kind seen on many stock Navis. The only features on ViralMan's back are the same stripes on his front, simply meeting their front-end counterparts at the shoulders and moving down the back to his boots.

Personality: ViralMan is suited to his operator in that both are highly antisocial. This doesn't necessarily mean they avoid contact with others; they're just uncomfortable doing so. However, he is able to keep this hidden from Zeo by avoiding contact with just about everyone but Zeo. Again like his operator, he is only truly able to act natural around his partner. Often alone but for Zeo, ViralMan has a cynical and overly cautious attitude. He practically advocates the use of sarcasm and half the words coming out of his mouth are either muttered curses or smart remarks.

He enjoys acting like his perceived notion of a "warrior": tough, stoic and logical. ViralMan is often unable to keep this unnatural façade for long and ends up forgetting about it completely. Faced with company other than Zeo, he will usually struggle through conversations and only contribute when he feels it is necessary. ViralMan also has a tendency to over think during conversations and read too much into others' words. This stems from his overcautious tendencies and lack of experience in social matters.

Custom Weapon: Buster

Signature Attacks: (540/540 points used)

StimShield (60)
Intended as a quick pick-me-up after taking damage. Creates a light purple one hit shield for ViralMan that also heals 30HP. The shield has a white cross design on it.
[1-hit shield (20), 30HP healed (40), 2 turn cooldown]

Data Absorption (80)
The small particles of data Zeo programmed to float around ViralMan for looks now have a use. Zeo modified them to each carry a fraction of a healing program that causes them to gather on ViralMan's injuries and heal them. This was ViralMan's idea, but Zeo would rather tell people otherwise.
[15HP passive heal (80), once per turn]

Data Siphon (150)
ViralMan raises and points his hands at his target, causing writhing dark gray cords with white pulsing lines on them to snake out of the ground near the target. These cords proceed to wrap around the target's legs to immobilize them. After that, another cord with a frayed end rises up behind the enemy and attaches itself to their back, draining HP from them and transferring it to ViralMan.
[50HP drain (100), 1 turn Hold (50), 4 turn cooldown]

Debilitate I (140)
A bulky steel gauntlet appears on ViralMan's arm. The knuckles have three barely visible needles, each one protruding from a knuckle. ViralMan charges an enemy and punches them with it, injecting the target with various fun substances. The effects cause the target to become generally ineffective and slowed while inducing a random glitch in their programming. The steel gauntlet doesn't feel too pleasant either.
[Melee type, 50 damage, 1 turn of Stun (30), Slow (40), Glitch (20), 4 turn cooldown]

Debilitate II (110)
ViralMan's arm transforms into a sort of buster-crossbow hybrid, loaded with a high tech arrow. Once fired, the arrow flies at its target and will embed itself where it impacts, dealing minor damage. The arrow will remain lodged where it lands, and as long as it's there it will interfere with the target's programming (assuming it hit the target) causing their vision to malfunction as well as causing a random glitch.
[Shot type, 30 damage, 1 turn of Blind (60), Glitch (20), 3 turn cooldown]

Level: 1
Element: Normal
Subtype: Summon

Description: Most of ViralMan's outward appearance changes with SummonerCross. The change as a whole culminates in a dark-hued knight's armor, covering every part of ViralMan's body aside from his head, which is bare. The suit of armor fits him well, and includes a flowing purple cape that just reaches the ground. His gauntlets from his normal form remain mostly unchanged, aside from each one becoming adorned with a simple symbol: a heart on the left glove and a spade on the right. The card suit motif is also shown on a purple metal staff ViralMan carries and a diamond-faced shield. The staff has a heavy looking club at the end that can be used for striking things, and the shield is relatively small and rectangular (approx. two feet from top to bottom).

Signature Attacks: (80/80 points used)

Reinforcements (80)
The four suit symbols on ViralMan's armor glow briefly before four objects shaped like the symbols appear in a line before him. Each one is around four feet across and four feet tall, and can be used for cover. They are made of metal and are about six inches thick. The heart and diamond objects are red, while the club and spade objects are black. (Four 20HP objects, 20 points each, 2 turn cooldown)