NetNavi Name: Boeman.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Wind
Appearance: If he was subject to human based measurements Boeman would be five feet ten inches tall, weighing about one-thirty. He is pretty slender and lightweight which is an advantage to his wind subtype. He has shoulder length black hair kept in a pony-tail, and dark brown eyes. He wears a tight grey shirt with mid-length sleeves, over which is a black bullet-proof style vest (though it is not actually bullet proof), with pants that are just a shade darker than his shirt, held by a black belt, tucked inside a pair of calf-high black combat boots. He has black gloves with the fingers cut off, and on his head a silver helmet with just a splash of baby blue on the trim, and a transparent visor over his eyes. His emblem is strapped to his left arm, above the elbow, with wavy lines separating the colors silver and light blue.
Personality: Boeman's personality was MADE to counter Fai's. He is a calm Navi with a gentle disposition, however his attitude is very 'we can do this', and hates to give up. He is often the one talking Fai into doing whatever needs to be done. Although he is patient, he won't hesitate to administer any 'snap-out-of-it' punishments. During battle he is calculating but forward.
Custom Weapon: Handheld crossbow
Signature Attack: 'Over the Rainbow'. Using his wind subtype, Boeman can create a tornado effect around an enemy. This attack hits an enemy with 80mph winds, will pick up stray debris (Which Boeman can attempt to have strike a target due to rotational control.) This also gives him a few seconds to attack or fire upon said enemy during the disorientation of heavy winds. (Stun + 30 damage / 2 TCD)