Name: Pyroman.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire S
ubtype: Cursor
Appearance: Pyroman is fairly tall, with a slender and athletic body. Flames spout from his shoulders. He wears a black helmet that covers his head up to his cheekbones, leaving his face exposed, except for points which come from his ears to his lips. The helmet extends back to a point. His boots and gloves are black. The gloves are nondescript, while the boots end in a point. Other than his black body armor, Pyroman's body is essentially crimson tights, except for his black sleeves. His chestplate is also black, and covers his shoulders, back, and chest, and ends just above his abdomen. His navicrest is emblazoned in the center of his chestplate.
Personality: Friendly, life-loving pyromaniac. Pyroman treats virtually nothing with negativity. However, he turns vicious in battle, simply because he loves it so much.
Custom Weapon: A. Pyroman breathes fire in a straight line.
B. A pillar of flame bursts from beneath an enemy.
C. Pyroman's Flaming-Fisted Roundhouse Punch!
Signature Attack
Active: Immolate
Effect: Damage (50) Take Aim (10)
Points used: 60
Cooldown: 2 TCD