Red Riding Hood.exe

(Grim's sprite)
Name: Red Riding Hood.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Ground [A late request for more power and an appetite for terrain]

Lunar's Drawing
Physical Description: Red stands at the net equivalent of about 4'6" and has all the playfulness of a twelve-year old. Her hair is short and brunette, cut to just above shoulder-length, her skin is a healthy peach, and her eyes possess chocolate brown depth in color.
An article of clothing Red is rarely seen without is a hooded cloak dyed blood-red, underneath which can only be described as a typical school uniform. White button-up short sleeve collared shirt, a knee-length blue-and-white checkered skirt, black socks that go up to her just below her thighs, and brown loafers. Slung across her left shoulder is her trusty picnic basket, used for storage of who-knows-what.
Her navi symbol is adorned on the right side of her picnic basket and on the neckline of the cloak. It depicts a juicy red apple with a stem on top and green leaf coming out of the right side of the latter against a navy blue background.

Personality: Cheerful, honest, and playful, Red sees life as full of fun and enjoyment. A true optimist, she isn't one to be proved otherwise and tries her best in everything she does. Red enjoys making friends most of all, probably only second to eating delicious snacks. A common trait she shares with her operator.
Having faced hard times quite recently, Red takes things as they are and adapts how to react to events as they come.

Custom Weapon: Picnic Basket, It's a picnic basket filled with Cherry blossom petals. She throws the petals at her opponent to do damage. The charge attack is that she throws a lot of petals at her opponent or she manifests the cherry blossoms into some giant fist or something and sends it flying at the enemy.

Signature Attacks: See below
Red's Signature Attacks:

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Name: Pastry Bomb ((Kudos to commondragon for the idea.))
Description: Red digs through her picnic basket and pulls out twelve assorted pastries (pies, cakes, etc.) and throws them at her opponents. The pastries explode on contact.
Effect: [12 attacks of 10 DMG.]
Cooldown: 3 Turns
Points: 120

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Name: Caramel Stickiness
Description: Red pulls out a metal canister from her picnic basket and shoves it into the ground. The ground rumbles and a torrent of caramel bursts out from underneath the enemy and attempts to bind to the opponent. After the binding, the caramel immediately hardens and immobilizes the enemy.
Effect: Hold (50)
Cooldown: 2 turns
Points: 50

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Name: Cherry Blossom Spiral
Description: Red calls upon the wind from the area and the cherry blossoms from her picnic basket, gathering the wind in one hand and the cherry blossoms in the other. Combining these forces together enables the red-caped wonder to fire a spiraling pink blast of energy imbued with the penetrating power of nature at the opponent. This fearsome attack produces cutting gale force winds that can drill through defenses and push enemies back quite a distance.
Effect: 100 Wood DMG + Slashing + Phasing + Microburst
Points: 160
Cooldown: 4 Turns

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Name: Demonic Chocolate Maelstrom
Description: Red takes a deep breath and then yells "DEMONIC CHOCOLATE MAELSTROM!" and fires a giant blast made out of toxic, scalding hot chocolate out of her mouth at one enemy, damaging the opponent on contact and leaving enough of a burn that the enemies feel it for a while afterwards.
Effect: Deals 100 DMG to one target and 20 DMG for the next 2 turns.
Points: 140
Cooldown: 4 turns

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Name: Innate Sugar Rush
Description: Eating pastries and snacks all day has got to build up a bunch of sugars in that little body. Red is able to instinctively release this energy to numb most of her wounds with great efficiency. Scary...
Effect: Passive 30 HP Heal
Cost: 160 points (That's 40 Passive)
TCD: It's Passive.

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Name: Area Eater Big Stomach
Description: Utilizing Red's ridiculous appetite that allows her to eat who-knows how many sweets per day, coupled with the extra-dimensional properties of her picnic basket, Shin has created the monstrosity that is Red's digestive system. The red-caped wonder can now simply inhale any unusual changes to the terrain and change it to a clean, normal state while slightly strengthening Red's attacks.
Effects: Stage Change to Normal, +20 Strengthen
Cost: Stage Change (100) + Strengthen (20) = 120 points
Cooldown: 3 Turns

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Name: Magic Trick
Description: Red pulls out a massive black leather top hat with a red velvet ribbon tied around the base and promptly puts it over herself. A similarly ridiculously sized magic wand appears, swirls once in the air, and taps the hat twice. The hat lifts up to reveal...

...that Red might be just right behind you.
Effect: Decoy + Teleport
Cost: 100 Points
TCD: 3

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Name: Picnicker's Refuge
Description: Red has gained the ability to create a mostly grassy field perfect for picnicking whenever she wants. Just by kicking the ground upward, the network responds to her will and creates a grassy knoll in the direction indicated. There is also a good-sized tree on top of the hill that provides an ample amount of shade to lay the blanket under.
Effects: Large and Medium Terrain Change to Grass and make 10 HP Tree
Cost: Medium Terrain Change (20) + Large Terrain Change (40) + 10 HP Object (10) = 70 points
Cooldown: 2 TCD

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Name: Blood-Soaked Cape

Description: Facing hard trial and tough times, Red's cape has taken on as much beating as its owner. Thus, it has transformed from ordinary fabric to something a bit tougher than usual. The crimson crusader's iconic article is now made of some sort of shape-memory allow that regains its rigor every few moments, allowing Red to fight to her fullest capabilities in battle. A very smashing-like attack could probably render it useless for a while though.

Effect: Passive 20 HP Casing
Cost: 20x4 = 80 points

Sidenote: Red is able to apply this power to any article of clothing in a .GMO or Cross, or simply just summon the hooded cloak and wear it.

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Name: Chocolate Champion
Description: Red builds up energy in her body before releasing it on a dynamic scale as chocolate explodes out of her body and covers the surrounding area. It also knocks enemies back a bit. This technique results in her surrounded by an aura of unexplainable power that changes properties due to whatever she's standing on. This process is so taxing, however, that Red's movements are slightly slowed.
Effect: Large Mud Terrain Change (40) + Knockback Nova 4 (40) + 20 HP Planar Barrier [20] + Self-Slow [-40](in regards to cooldown)
Points: 80
Cooldown: 1

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Signature Name: Kiddy Pool!
Description: Sometimes it gets way too hot for Red to handle some enemies. Therefore, what better way to cool down the battle with a pool everyone can play in!? Even the fire elementals can have fun.... yeah I guess not. Anyway Red takes out a hose from her picnic basket and fills part of the area with lots of water. The presence of the pool refreshes Red in battle preparedness as well!
Effect: Create Large-Area Sea Terrain and Sig Chill
Cost: Large Area Terrain (40) + Sig Chill (40) = 80
Cooldown: 2
Name: Myun
Element: Normal
Subtype: Guts

Physical Description: Myun takes the appearance of a rabbit constantly standing upright on some giant feet at a height of 2'4". Her fur is a coat of orangish-red and her eyes are cute black upward ellipses, they always seem to be half closed though.
Her ear strength is enormous, so she has red boxing gloves attached to the ends of them for rapid attacks. Myun also wears the same gloves on her front paws. The support program manages to stay upright with a short, white cottony tail on her behind.

Personality: Myun can freely communicate with others but is usually quiet and makes only short, necessary, robotic-like statements, phrases, and inquiries. Despite this apparent shyness, Myun is always excited and ready for battle, so when you're facing her, you better be prepared.

Level 28
HP: 115
ATK: 50
Attack Property: Break
Actions: 3
Abilities: Second Chance

Hit Point+ V6 (6 levels)
Damage+ V8 (8 levels)
Speed+ V2 (10 levels)
Break Strike (1 level)
Second Chance (3 levels)

Signature Attacks:

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Name: Run, Myun, Run

Description: Since Myun has limited attack range, this gives the support program a better attempt to get into range using quick boxing steps, a style the rabbit-like creature is quite fond of.

Mechanics: Passive Movement (20x4) = 80 points

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Name: Rhythm Boxing

Description: Using the Boxing gloves on her ears, the Support Program Myun can add some more hits into her round of attacks by smacking the enemy with a follow-through one-two punch from her ears.

Mechanics: Passive 20 DMG (20x4) = 80 points

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Name: Fiber Fixer
Description: Having been through all the battles thus far since her creation, Myun has decidedly implemented an automated repair system of her own that works off her damaged areas to rebuild through rapid muscle fiber growth.
Effect: Passive Heal 30 to Myun
Cost: Heal 30 (40) x4 (Passive Cost) = 160 Points.
Cooldown: None, Passive Signature