Name: Gadgetman.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Summon

With a similar build and height to his operator, Gadgetman has the base of that of a yellow navi jump suit, his original frame built for freedom of movement and flexibility over strength and durability, although many changes have been added that have left him with a strange hybrid between the two ideas. After the accident, Gadgetman was modified to handle his excess amounts of power, this meant that a variety of additions had to be made, the most obvious of these being clucky purple containment units that stretch from just below each elbow, along the forearm and finishing at each hand, attached to them are his blocky, cumbersome hands, each of which containing a large hole in the palm that allows direct power flow in and out of his core. Similarly to his arms, the same construct can be seen on each of his legs reaching from just below the knee to his feet. All of the purple constructs have an arrangement of yellow lines arranged at right angles that give the appearance of a computer chip motif all over.

Gadgetman's head is covered predominantly by a large purple dome, of which a quarter is cut off to reveal the pale skin around his mouth. With no other visible features, the navi is often greeted with contempt and suspicion from those who cannot read his feelings. A tri rod construct of the same purple can be seen sticking out of a pack on his back; they are arranged in a triangular shape.

The navi's symbol is that of a slanted, large stylised 'G' which is light purple in colour, the background is just a series of smaller yellow circuit patterns on a blank plane. It is placed at the centre of his chest.

Very inquisitive by nature, Gadgetman was originally a researcher navi, this leads him to be constantly analysing everything he sees, testing things to the point of destruction whenever he gets the chance. Unlike his operator who is in a constant state of depression, Gadgetman is optimistic at all times, always looking for the silver lining of the situation. Testing his limits whenever he can, the navi is often in need of repairs from his operator, who is always at hand, this has lead him to have quite a fearless streak in recent times, leading him to take very little care of his own well being.

Custom Weapon: Gadgetman sends controlled bursts of energy from his core power inlets to deal minor damage to the foe from his palms
Signature Attacks:

Gadget: L.A.S.E.R (Long-range, Accurate, Shoulder-mounted, Energy, Rifle)

Through the use of automated, robotic arms, Gadgetman uses excess data from his surroundings to create a small, shoulder mounted cannon that deals minor damage to an enemy of his choice every so often.

(Summon 15 Hp object with passive 15 elec DMG, Light, 45 Sig points, 2 TCD)
15 Hp Object (15) + Light (free) + 15 elec DMG passive (45) = 60 Sig points (45 +Blueprints passive 15) 45/60 used