Name: SummonerMan
Element: Null
Subtype: Summon

Gender: Male

Physical Description:

SummonerMan is fairly simple in design.

He stands at a fairly normal height, probably near the equivalent of 5'10". His thin frame is made rather evident by the bodysuit he wears. His face, generally showing some form of disinterest, displeasure, or disgust, is thin, pointed, and somewhat feminine. His icy blue eyes are generally used for sending piercing glares of about the same temperature. His brown hair is short and spiked, sending it up and back along his head.

His attire is incredibly simple. His body is cloaked in a black bodysuit. This black stretches from the pointed boots of his feet all the way up the underside of his chin, to his hairline and ears. It is interrupted in a few places. There are two thin white stripes, one on each side of his body, that trace the length of the costume. From halfway up his shins, to his underarms, to halfway down his forearms, the white traces. The forearms and shins are both split in half by a horizontal ring, marking what then appear to be boots and gloves off from the rest of the outfit. In the center of his chest is his emblem, which is also stationed over both his ears.

Higher on his head, wrapped at the top of his forehead and all the way back, is a headband. This band is fairly uninteresting, save a single large, purple backed card that stands vertically, back out, and bottom at the bottom of the band, on the band at the center of his forehead.

There is one more part to his ensemble; the cloak. SummonerMan's most distinguishing feature is his rather large purple cloak. It has a high collar, which stands tall and comes up to his jawbones. The cloak is large enough to wrap around him and fall to just fractions of an inch above floor level. When it isn't completely shrouding his form her pushes it back, and it sits covering just his back and shoulders as a cape.


SummonerMan's emblem is fairly simple. It consists of the same card used everywhere else in his battles and design, back out. This purple card sits vertically with its white rim setting it apart from the black background. It is ringed by a light ring in order to keep it contrasted from his body suit. In the case of the ones on his body, the rings are white.


SummonerMan is not the nicest Navi. He is somewhat curt and quick to judge, He doesn't get along well with others. He is self-serving, but reasonable enough to know that he needs to help others if he wants people to help him.

He often makes jokes at the expense of others, or makes snide comments. He doesn't seem to accept the names that people present him, but prefers to provide his own names for everyone. Generally he'll cycle through names until he finds one that fits well and stick with it.

He is intelligent and fairly logical. He is cool under pressure. He is cold in the presence of others. He is not immune to anger, but has learnt that the best way to win over others is to make them show their anger first.


SummonerMan hasn't had an incredibly long history on his own. He was created to order for Rose. Since then he has begrudgingly went along with her on her various escapades. He does respect her and enjoys her company, though he would most certainly never admit it.

He has yet to make any friends, only rivals. Being a support based Navi, he accepts the need for allies, but doesn't appear to have gotten many. His sour personality have put him at odds with almost everyone, but he manages.

Custom Weapon: SummonerMan's custom weapon consists of his near infinite deck of Purple backed playing cards. He throws them at opponents in order to deal damage.

Current Level: 09
(1x SPEED UP +2)
(3x HP UP + 3)
(1x CUSTEXP + 1)
(3x 5 BATTLECHIPS + 3)

HP: 160
Actions: 4
Buster: 1/1/1

NC: (10/45)
UnderShirt [10]

Folder: (19/30)
2x Rockcube (200 HP Object)
2x TimeBomb1 (100 HP Object. Explodes after 2 rounds for 100 damage to all)
1x Wind (100 HP Object, Pushes enemies back, lowers accuracy. Lasts 3 rounds or until destroyed)
1x AquaBalloon (200 HP Object. Mobile. Aquabody. Explodes after 3 turns for 10 + Damage Absorbed Aqua damage to all)
1xAirRaid1(100 HP Flying Object, 10x10 shots, 3 turns)
1xMetalGear1 (100 HP Object, 50 Null Break ground dmg, straight line up to 3 targets, 3 turns)
1xFlashBomb1(100 HP, explodes after 2 turns for Blast 4 Stun, Seeking, Blinding, 40 elec dmg)
1x Sword (80 slashing damage. 6 uses)
1x Recov30 (Heals 30 HP)
2x Guard1 (1 Hit shield, Reflects Up To 60 damage +Piercing + Line Attack)
1xAquaNeedle1 (20 Aqua dmg x 3 needles)
1x RingLog1 (50 Wood damage + Ground + Wide + Double Attack)
1x WaveArm1 (80 piercing ground Chain(3))
1x Cannon (40 damage + Knockback)
1x Shotgun (50 damage + Spread1)
1x HeatShot1 (40 Fire damage + Spread1)


Summon: Spring Deck
Description: SummonerMan summons a deck of cards, which sits on the field. Some pre-determined amount of time after being summoned, the cards will spring into the air, like professional dealers spring cards from hand to hand. This sudden movement will rocket anything above the cards into the air, and after the springing, the cards will remain floating in the air in a column.
Effects: [Object: 20 HP [20] + (Time-Delay (Manual); Microburst; Melee) Once]
Cost: 60
Cooldown: 2 TCD


Summon: High Card
Description: SummonerMan draws a single card and throws it down, summoning a duplicate random card, expanded to a height corresponding to its face value.
Effects: [Object: 40 HP]
Cost: 40
Cooldown: 1 TCD


Summon: Pair
Description: SummonerMan draws two cards and tosses them. They're a pair. The two cards are bound together, and stand on the field, after firing a ray of light that deals damage based off their values.
Effects: [Object: 5 HP [5] + (Multihit)2 hits of * Random(Up to 13) Damage [On 13, use 35] [35]]
Cost: 40
Cooldown: 1 TCD


Summon: Two Pair
Description: SummonerMan draws four cards and tosses them. Two pairs. Each set of two is bound together and remains on the field. They each fire a ray of light that deals damage based off their values.
Effects: [2x (Object: 5 HP [5] + (Multihit)2 hits of * Random(Up to 13) Damage [On 13, use 35] [35])]
Cost: 80
Cooldown: 2 TCD


Summon: Card Tower
Description: SummonerMan throws an assortment of cards which form themselves into a tower of some sort; from a simple card tipi to an impressive card fortress. This tower is used for defense, either protecting SummonerMan or allies, or blocking enemies from accessing them.
Effects: [Object: 80 HP]
Cost: 80
Cooldown: 2 TCD


Unsummon: Attack
Description: SummonerMan draws a blank card, and sends it into orbit around a target. When an attack is targeted at the target with the card revolving around them, the card would activate. It's activation would cause it to grow, absorbing the attack, and continuing to attempt to absorb the person who launched the attack. If it succeeds in pulling the enemy to it, it pulls it into an alternate "Summon Space" for one action. The card remains in place after activation.
Effects: [Trap (Attack Target); 1-hit Shield [20], Pull [10], Pull [10], Stun (1) [30], Object: 5 HP [5]]
Cost: 75
Cooldown: 2 TCD


Summon: Three-of-a-Kind
Description: SummonerMan throws three cards into a target, which then splits into three identical copies. One of the three will be the original, while the other two will be decoys. After one round, if the decoys haven't been destroyed yet, they will remain on the field as fragile, inanimate, gray copies of what they once were, obviously distinguishable from the original.
Effects: [Decoy [20] + Decoy [20] + Object; 10 HP [10] + Object; 10 HP [10]]
Cost: 60
Cooldown: 2 TCD


Summon: Junk
Description: SummonerMan draws 5 cards, and gets a junk hand. He tosses these 5 cards onto the field, enlarged, and creates a few fragile obstacles.
Effects: [5x Object; 5 HP [5]]
Cost: 25
Cooldown: 1 TCD


Support Program
Name: Card.SP
Level: 3
Element: None
Type: Speed


Card is a very simple SP. It looks like a giant version of one of SummonerMan's signature cards. It is probably about 15 times normal size, near 6 feet in length and near three and a half feet in width. SummonerMan can easily control the card with his mind. The card itself has no mind or personality to speak of. It is an inanimate object, like SummonerMan's other cards, and is controlled as such.

HP: 40
Attack: 10
Actions: 1

Abilities: Planeswalking (Grants Hover)



SplashCross SummonerMan

Thanks to an incredibly strong bond between their operators, SummonerMan and the Splashes gained a cross.

Appearance: SummonerMan's appearance changes a good deal for this cross.

His headband disappears, since cards don't mix well with water and the Splashes don't use headbands. In order to help him mix with the water, he gains a breather, locked in place over his mouth, with an apparently endless supply of oxygen.

SummonerMan's torso loses the bodysuit. This leaves him bare-chested, like a beachgoer or a merman. His emblem moves upwards to become the clasp on his cloak. It is then covered by a cute purple seashell.

The cloak itself remains, but changes colors from purple to turquoise. Also, except for the color which remains tall and rigid, the texture changes. It becomes a softer, wavier fabric, like a water resistant silk.

SummonerMan's upper arms are left uncovered, like his torso. His forearms, however, are covered by glass, which stretches down to his wrists. The glass stretches a bit thicker in radius than his arms. They are filled with water, and, well, his forearms. At the end of the glass on each arm is a small covered hole, which can be opened to fire water. SummonerMan's hands are covered in a pair of gloves, which are backed with turquoise, but have black covering the palms and inside of the fingers.

SummonerMan's lower body gains a pair of green pants. And these aren't just any green pants. These pants are covered in scales, hence the green color. They also flare out at the bottoms. This would make them appear more like a fin, if SummonerMan ever stood with his ankles pressed firmly together (which he wouldn't).

Beneath these pants, a pair of boots is visible. These boots, however, aren't very visible, since they're made of the same stuff as the pants: more green scales. They're thin and pointy, sort of like cowboy boots.

Custom Weapon: SummonerMan gains a blue trident while using this cross. It can be used to manipulate water to fire, or to whack things with. It isn't very sharp though, so stabbing isn't likely.

Unlike SplashLady, SummonerMan can't summon water, so when there is none around, he fires the stuff inside the glass around his forearms. The rapid shot is just a normal water blast; the charged shot would likely involve much more water.

Cross Sigs:

Spill Cannon:
Description: SummonerMan fires off a blast of water, which explodes upon reaching whatever destination it should be hitting. It's not very efficient, and drips a decent amount on the way there. This leaves a lot of water around, turning the panels the water passed over, including where SummonerMan and the eventual destination are, into sea. Sadly this drippiness leads to the blast being fairly weak, compared to the attack it's based off.
Effects: [30 [color=blue]AQUA[/color] dmg Blast2 [30*2=60] + Medium Terrain Change (SEA)[20] = 80]
Cost: 80
Cooldown: 2 TCD

Pool Remaining: (0/80)


ViralCross SummonerMan

Thanks to a strong bond between their operators, SummonerMan and ViralMan gained a cross.

Appearance: SummonerMan's appearance changes for this cross.

His bodysuit, surprisingly enough, only changes slightly. It becomes a few shades lighter, becoming a dark gray instead of black.

His headband disappears, or one could assume it does, as SummonerMan's head is covered in a helmet. The helmet has a black visor which covers SummonerMan's eyes, and is a lighter gray than his body suit. The sides end at the emblems that cover where his ears would be, which remain where they are, though they gain antennae shooting diagonally upwards and backwards.

SummonerMan's plain gloves become large gauntlets, colored a light gray to match his helmet. Other than being large and gray there isn't much to them.

He gains boots that are larger, and again, lighter gray, coming halfway up his shins. These aren't quite as large as his gauntlets, but still are a change from usual.

Around his waist he gains two plain belts, each one purple, like his cloak had been. They hang loosely over his hips, crooked, forming an X near his waist. Both feature one black leather holster, on opposite sides of his body, containing a small pistol.

The final change is in his cloak. It shrinks significantly, becoming a handkerchief of the same color. It is tied in the back, leaving a triangle pointing downwards on his chest. It is there to keep the color in his outfit and also to adorn his otherwise unadorned neck area.

Custom Weapon: SummonerMan uses a fairly basic buster in this form, firing small pellets of gray light from barrels of his twin pistols. He may also punch with his fairly heavy gauntlets.

For charged shots, he charges and fires both guns at once, or winds up before the punch for extra power.

Cross Sigs:

Glitch Gatling:
Description: SummonerMan fires off three rapid shots of corrupted data, in succession and at separate targets. Each one has negative effects in store for whoever is hit by them.
Effects: [4 x Glitch [20x4=80] MultiTarget(Spread amongst 4 Targets) = 80]
Cost: 80
Cooldown: 2 TCD

Pool Remaining: (0/80)