Name: Maribel.exe "Marry"
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Cursor

Appearance: Blue and black cammo (Urban Cammo) pants and jacket. Over her jacket is a black vest with many storage spots/pockets. She wears a black berret over her long, platinum blond hair, which is tied in a bun at the base of her neck. Her pants are worn tucked into black boots with silver toes. Her hands are coverd in black, fingerless gloves. Eyes are a deep blue. She's actually slim and lithe, but looks stocky with all of her gear and thick clothing. Not particularly tall, she stands around 5'5". Her insignia is set on a circular patch on her shoulders and on the front of her berret. It consists of an arrow resting on top of a tortoise.

Personality: Bubbly sniper, often found humming to herself as she wanders around the battlefield. A bit of a free spirit who considers orders to be suggestions. Despite her flighty appearance, she is (almost) always aware of her area. Preferring to opperate on her own, whenever she's in a group she tends to hang back from their advance in order to provide supporting fire. Despite being a fan of 'magical girl' anime, she does not shout her attack names during fights. Will talk to herself when she wants some company. These conversations rarely have anything to do with what is going on at the time and are often a little to in-depth to only be with herself.

She may be insane and seems to be developing another personality. Personally, I like to think of her alter ego as "Murderbel." But I'm open to other names.

Custom Weapon: XP-I v7S Custom Sniper Rifle with bayonet attachment for slashing attacks. Even though it's unnecessary, it is bolt action and she takes great joy in ejecting "spent cartridges"; Says she likes the tinkling sound they make when they hit the ground. Her rifle has no scope - she shoots with her heart. She is also known to give a quick pep-talk to it when landing a shot is critical. While technically a part of her, it is hand held and manifests as needed.

Signatures: Max 60.
Flak Jacket - HP Barrier 20 (CD1)
A barrier is deployed around her that absorbs a bit of damage. (20/60)

Aqua Cartridge - Ranged 40 damage Aqua Element (CD1)
Loads a blue tipped bullet into her buster and hits with a water powered shot. Looks like a blue bolt when fired. Nicknamed the "Lukewarm Splash." (40/60)