Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: Sword

Mechanically structured, Rhea is given the form of a female solely by the armor pieces she wore that protects the parts within. The only human-like features that she possesses is her magenta hair (some glows and looks almost like fibre optic materials) and a pale face which houses purple eyes, a nose and a mouth. Her short stature of 4'8" puts her as petite-- though that isn't her main concern-- but the childish, 14-year-old-ish face isn't helping in providing her a menacing or intimidating first impression to others. Rhea attempts pulling a constant poker face and a placid look as replacement for her childish looks, instead. Rhea's emblem is fully hued in green, though the outlines are still the same, displaying themselves on the headphones she wears that was connected at the back of her head. The headphones are made of green-tinted aluminium, the light weight not impeding her head movement. Her neck is supported by a rubber cover used to protect water from entering her compartments.

Her body armor is made up of three parts: One for the torso, one covering her abdomen, and the other representing the pelvis. The armor piece joints could be easily seen, but unlike Rhea's headphones, they are made of full steel, coated with an anti-rust paint of light purple. Joints that connect to her mechanical limbs are also made with the same alloy of green for her emblems-- and these are the only parts where one can see the mechanics powering and controlling Rhea's movements. Sprayed constantly with a coat of oil, the metal parts glisten dangerously when touched by a light source. A piece of rounded, hexagonal-shaped armor piece is used to protect the shoulder mechanical parts for both arms, though not fully covering it. The said hexagonal piece is then connected with hard steel towards the rest of her arm. The rest of the arm is covered in the same light-purple armor piece until the elbows.

Rhea's both arms wears heavy armguards, made of hard steel and capable of taking heavy impact. The impact, however, is not for enemies' attacks-- it is to be able to support the energy generator (for her right arm) and the monitor display (for her left arm) strapped onto each armguard. Two wires, one of dark purple and one of yellow, connects to the armguards from the shoulder joints as power source. Her wrist and fingers are of a pure dark purple, featuring ball-jointed fingers.

Her legs offer a similar composition as her arm limbs-- the only difference is that she wears simple , pure dark purple greaves that features a simplistic kneeguard and shoe-like design from above her ankles (like a normal pair of boots-- just that the greaves actually extends towards the knees as well).

She can easily weigh about 260 pounds due to her structure. She honestly does not care.

Personality: Rhea's relationship with her NetOp is slightly strained, and is always in doubt of the meaning of her own existence. That uncertainty had led to the Navi not communicating well with Camillia, but Rhea would willingly talk to her if she saw that her NetOp needed it. She is fiercely loyal, and wouldn't hesitate to follow Camillia's commands—and that's the only way Rhea could be sure that she was really useful, and gain confidence in her own abilities.

Sometimes, the dragging silence's the only thing going on between the NetOp and the Navi.

However, she found out that her true calling was to participate in battles-- the adrenaline seemed to be what's allowing her to feel as if she was really alive as a matter of existence. And with that, she gladly volunteers for battles and the sorts-- but not without Camillia's consent. Usually.

Custom Weapon: Rhea's doesn't possess a buster, but rather a forearm mounted blade. The blade is usually powered with a mini particle generator, generating a simple blade for Rhea to attack with.
Charged attack: The Forearm mounted blade generates energy and smashed it into the enemy, dealing more damage than usual.

Signature Attack:
Sigpool - 620/620
1. =Parry (80 sig points; Passive 1-hit shield)
Her swordarm at the ready, her mastery of the blade allows her to deflect an attack coming her way every turn.
2. =Quick Feet (80 sig points; Passive 1 Tactical Movement)
Rhea's improved legwork allows her to move pre-emptively under certain circumstances.
3. =Perception (40 sig points; Passive Take Aim)
From Harley with love-- Coaching for improved eye judgement, with better aim.
4. =Rebound (80 sig points; Trap(Damage dealt on Rhea): (1-hit shield), then (20DMG Null + Slashing + Slow). 2TCD)
When caught to be sneaking up on Rhea, Rhea parries and returns the favor with a wide-arc sonic boom from her blades.
5. =Improved One Damage!? (80 sig points; 1DMG Null + Slashing + Break + Stun + 19 Strengthen; Knockback optional by Rhea. 2TCD)
Rhea throws her swordarm dramatically in a full arc, enough to jar an opponent-- yet only dealing minute damage as she prepared for her next move.
6. =Instameds (30 sig points; Counter(Any ally debuffed): Status Cure @ debuffed ally. 1TCD)
Rhea on her own initiative throws a digital panacea at any ill-looking ally.
7. =Overclocking (70 sig points; Dodge + 30 Strengthen. 2TCD)
Rhea's systems are overclocked for an instance to maneuver for an upcoming attack.
.GMOs List
1. [Practitioner.GMO]

Rhea takes a turn for the traditional as she exchanges her cybernetic purple armor for something a little more fabric-based, specifically a light pink kimono and a purple hakama, both clothing of Yoka origin. The kimono has two purple stripes on the wrists of the sleeves. Under the kimono, she wears a black bodysuit. Her chest is protected well with a black breastplate, which consists of a few leather strips across the chest attached to a green frame. Her purple hair is retained, but is now tied into a long ponytail with a green ribbon that flows down elegantly to her legs. She also keeps her green headphones and her placid purple eyes. Moving down, her purple hakama is tied at the waist with a small bow knot at the front, and her feet are clad with typical Yoka wooden sandals and white socks. Her hands are covered with toughened black gloves with yellow trim. Her main weapon of choice is a purple umbrella with pink edges and a small ornament that rests on the top.
(description credit: Fera-- thanks!)

Attack changes: All sword-related actions Rhea will brandish and utilize it in the form of the umbrella. All projectile-related actions Rhea will brandish and utilize it in the form of the umbrella. All healing-related/guard-related actions Rhea will open and utilize it with the umbrella.

All people that needs to be ignored Rhea will open and utilize it with the umbrella.

2. [NPUniform.GMO]

Caped version

For Rhea's NetPolice uniform, she takes on the appearance resembling classic-styled police uniform from the real world for female officers. She dons a black, dress-like in length, long-sleeved overcoat with a high collar surrounding her neck. Pockets are found on both sides of her chest and near her hips on the overcoat; her name looks like it was sewn as a tag on her left breastpocket. Stripes of white are found around the collar, pockets, and near the end of each sleeve. A simplistic, black skirt follows the overcoat.

The overcoat is held in place by a simplistic white belt, with a milk-colored clasp to secure it in place around her waist. Attached to her left is a gun holster, but modified to house a scabbard for her classic Netopian-styled sword.

Her uniform comes with a round hat with a white stripe surrounding it, along with the emblem of her NP department adorning the front of it. The NP emblem can also be found on the two sides of her overcoat, on her upper arm. Along with that, Rhea wears cream-colored trousers, along with a pair of standardised black boots to complete her look.

When the need arises, Rhea also has with her a rain cape, which can be used when she wants to conceal her uniform or just to brave some weather.
Gender: Male?
Element: Elec
Subtype: Speed

Harley takes on the appearance of a warhorse, with a major difference: He isn't organic. An engine-powered equine, his body is covered in armor plates similar to his master; where his ears are is replaced with two handlebars. The permanent feature of a saddle is leather-wrapped, with a black box hanging at the sides of it for storage purposes. The center body of Harley from the front view houses a wheel, locked and secured in place. Twin exhausts poke out of both sides of Harley's back. The stirrups were designed with magnetic footing to keep Rhea in place, enabling her to stand while the mechanical horse is in motion; the legs are geared with hydraulic technology to support Harley's independent weight of 1,825 pounds.

Witty and perhaps beating Rhea to all the cool lines, he's quite talkative when it comes to social conversations. Occasionally he is also seen giving sound advice to Rhea in battle, showing the equine's wisdom in the art of war. Rhea's attitude towards him is in a slightly (tiny miniscule) annoyed way, and Harley do not mind it (and always makes fun of her seriousness).

He enjoys talking to Camillia, the operator; apparently she is, in Harley's opinion, more entertaining to converse with than Rhea.

In battle, he does not do much; he serves as a mode of transport for Rhea, and focuses on defensive manuveurs rather than actual fighting.

Custom Weapon:
Short Range: A curved energy blade is generated right above Harley's muzzle, similar to Rhea's blade generators. With the blade, Harley moves his head to headbutt or slash at close-ranged enemies.

Long range: Harley stomps the ground in a particular frequency, summoning a strike of lightning whizzing at the enemy.

Though the lightning effect is really just fluff (it's not even electrically-charged).

Harley Specials
1. =One Horsepower!? (80 sig points, Passive 1 Tactical Movement)
Harley moves faster than 1/8th of the speed of smell. Well, he gains an extra move action.
2. =Windshield! (80 sig points, Passive 1-hit shield)
To retain his handsome face to be in tip-top condition for any passing ladies, Harley uses the windshield cover on his head to deflect any incoming attacks.