Name: Maltese.EXE

Gender: M

Element: Normal

Subtype: Cursor

Appearance: Maltese is approximately six feet tall, with fairy average limbs, lending to a very masculine appearance. Upon his head rests a brown fedora, which blends down into armor along the back of his head, with the expected large circles over his ears. It's from these circles that his mask emerges for combat. He has raven black hair spiking out under the armor, ducking into the collar protecting his neck. This collar is brown, and blends down into a mantle over Maltese' shoulder blades and upper arms. The mantle itself curves around the chest emblem, the silver silhouette of a falcon on a black background. The arms have very short "gloves", reaching just past the wrists, in black, with the same chest emblem on the back of each. The boots are also very simple, reaching just below the knee. The mainstay of his body's armor is brown, a shade or two darker than the mantle, collar and fedora.

Personality: Maltese knows what he's getting in to, being Raymond's partner. Maltese is a very stable, accepting NetNavi, and will go along with most of Raymond's plans. He is also capable of calming Raymond down when he himself is on the edge of control, but once that path is taken, physical restraint is beyond Maltese' ability. (Obviously)

Custom Weapon: 19XX Buster; Rests hanging on the hip, and when it leaves the hand of a navi, it respawns in this position. Resembles a handgun with a sliding frame, about six inches long from muzzle to hammer.

Signature Attack: (60/60)

Detective's Eye (Shot type, 10x2 damage) Seeking, Multi-hit One TCD
-Using the Detective programming installed by Raymond, Maltese will seek out and shoot a target with unnatural accuracy, firing a burst from his 19XX buster. This ability also allows him to see through invisibility and those who think they're hidden just by being incredibly high.

Shrug One Off (1 hit shield) One TCD
-Every once and a while, just to throw some salt around, Maltese will decide to shrug an attack off. Doesn't work on particularly heavy blows, but it'll stop most strikes in their tracks.