Name: Adagio
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Melee

Appearance: Adagio is a dark toned NetNavi. He wears moderate armor around his legs and shins, pelvic area and upper torso while his helmet is in the shape of a lion. The armor around his hands and fists are quite large, the knuckles are encrusted with red like jewels. His basic color scheme is black, coral and sapphire.

Personality: Adagio is a calculating NetNavi much like his owner. He has an immeasurable amount of pride and stubbornness. He dislikes being helped, and when in trouble and is helped, he rarely shows his gratitude. He seldom speaks out loud and focuses more on the obstacles ahead as well as the mission. He gets along well with Kordello, but believes his partying to be a bit rash at times. He admires his NetOp especially when in battle with other NetNavis. He feels comfortable knowing that Kordello is willing to put his life on the line for his sake, and Adagio shows that appreciation as much as he can.

Custom Weapon: Griever Fists

Signature Attack: 60/60 [Melee Type, 60 Dmg, Multi-Hit Attribute[4 successive attacks], 2TCD]

-Adagio Carnage: Getting in close and personal causes a sort of system shock for Adagio. The feeling of combat transcends his digital energy and he roars out mightily with ferocious and well executed punches that seem to unmask an undesirable persona flaw in his cool exterior.