Name: Order.EXE
Gender: Male
Element : Normal
Subtype: Sword
Appearance: Order is usually clad in white robes which hide armor that is actually the modified undershirt program underneath. In addition to wearing robes and armor he has blue eyes which seem to be on everyone at once. He has black hair like his operator. He is about the height of normal navis and special navis but is a bit taller.
Personality: He is unlike his operator and is more of an aggressive hot headed navi than his operator would like. Unfortunately he doesn't wish to be reprogrammed and so forced his operator to agree never to reprogram him to be more benevolent. Like his operator though he is calm and that is only in battle when he gains this calmness for fighting angry will only lead to his defeat.
Custom Weapon: Sol Sword
A sword like a katana will appear in the hands of Order.EXE. Once this happens he can use the sword to rapidly slash an enemy to bits. It does the same damage as a normal buster however.
Signature Attack: Blade Force
Order will rush at his opponent and one of the gauntlets he wears will ignite with energy. The energy will form into a sort of wrist blade which will be used to impale the opponent doing 20 damage per hit to them. It can be used 3 x per turn with a 2 turn cool down. It is a multi hit attack and can't be used to switch targets either.

Custom Program :
Reset Stage