Name: Composer.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Elec

Subtype: Bug

Normally, Composer (or 'Comp' as he prefers to be referred to as) bears the appearance of an impeccably dressed young man. He looks about the same age as Noah, but completely different. He's clean-shaven, with honey-blond hair pulled back into a short ponytail. His eyes are bright blue and glint with whimsical mischief; this is accompanied with his usual relaxed grin. He wears a three-piece suit that looks freshly-pressed, with an electric blue vest under a midnight blue tailcoat, and matching midnight dress pants. Shiny black shoes and a white dress shirt top off the look of a well-dressed youth. He doesn't walk, but instead chooses to float about a foot off the ground instead. He's never without his conductor's baton, which appears freshly polished. There are plenty of pens in his pockets for him to write with, and he never seems to run out of pieces of paper to write on. Where he gets the paper isn't really clear.

When Composer loses control, his appearance changes rather drastically. His once-impeccable suit wears and tatters until it looks as though he's worn nothing else for years. His conductor's baton shatters, leaving him to gesture with his hands. The largest change, though, besides the change in attire or personality, is his state of what appears to be decomposition. In truth, it's simply him venting out excess data, but it looks a tad more sinister than that. Every orifice on his face; his eyes, his ears, his nose, his mouth, all start expelling light in streams, and it doesn't stop there. Large patches in his skin open up and stream out the white lights; where the skin's not visible, such as under his clothes, the streams just appear to be coming out of nowhere.

Usually, Composer is extremely whimsical. He can recognize when the situation calls for being serious, but mostly he just lets life happen and goes with whatever happens to be happening at the time. He's also rather outgoing; in this aspect he acts as a sort of foil for Noah, who's extremely shy. Noah actually programmed him this way, as he'd wanted somebody that would be able to speak for him in case he were feeling too embarrassed to speak his mind. He couldn't seem to get the codes right, though, and knew that his Navi was lacked the extra zing that would set it apart in his eyes.

That's where the 'loss of control' personality comes in. One day, in a fit of frustration, Noah decided to just forget the programming and pop open a bottle (or two) of high-quality Sharo vodka. After a while, he ended up absolutely hammered, and decided in his drunken state that he'd give programming Composer another go. Something along the line, he managed to irreparably bug the hell out of Composer, resulting in massive power build-ups generating, and escaping through the shell of the Navi. It also heavily damaged the personality; when Composer loses control of the power build-ups and one escapes, he slides down the slippery slope into insanity. It builds up the longer it takes for the excess energy to disperse, ending with Composer completely losing any semblance of composure and being reduced to a gibbering crazy. However, neither the energy build-ups nor the insane alter-ego seemed to affect his battle routines or any vital systems beyond a few minor glitches, Noah decided against scrapping Composer, and kept him the way he is.

Custom Weapon:
When Composer is completely under control, he'll tend to stick to using his conductor's baton. In the case of the baton, moving it can conjure undulating music staffs in time to whatever happens to be playing at the time, and those can be used in a manner similar to whips or spears. Once he's started to lose control and the streams start to appear, the streams themselves can be used as weapons in whatever manner Composer might feel like.

Signature Attack: Irrational Meter

Composer starts waving his baton frantically, as if he were conducting something completely out of time. Heavily distorted music starts playing in the background, coalescing into a brightly-glowing, wavering music staff. With a final gesture with the conductor's baton and a cymbal crash, the music staff flies at and into the foe, resulting in a painful shock and a few interfering code lines messing with the opponent from the inside.

Effects: 60 Elec Damage, Glitch. 2-turn CD.

Contrary to his relatively modern three-piece suit Composer wears, Playwright assumes the appearance of a typical Netopian well-to-do... a handful of centuries ago. His face appears the same, but his general facial expression of scornful aloofness makes it seem like someone entirely different. Upon his honey-blonde locks that have suddenly grown into a much longer ponytail, he wears a very tall, very ridiculous black hat, with a few large feathers tucked into the brim. Covering his torso is a traditional black tunic, with slightly raised shoulders and gold embroidering. His arms, as the tunic doesn't cover them, are shrouded in a puffy purple shirt made of what appears to be silk, with frilly white cuffs. The hem of the purple shirt forms a second sort of 'skirt' beneath the tunic's. And below that...are tights. Tight, shiny black tights, capped off with simple purple shoes. His hands are devoid of anything to replace Comp's conductor's baton, but he doesn't seem to mind gesturing with just his hands.

The same effects as usual apply from Comp to Playwright, in terms of the out-of-control power surges. His clothes tatter to the point of being little more than rags, and the streams of light start to violently burst out of him. The insanity is also still present, but with a twist that shall be explained below.

Technically, a .GMO doesn't usually override a Navi's personality, though it can in some cases. It does not affect Comp's personality in the slightest, but being the eccentricity that he is, Comp decides to playact every moment he's in Playwright. He will rapidly switch between a standard narrator's tone, using a low, enthusiastic voice, and any range of 'actors' he so chooses. He overemphasizes his speech to ridiculous limits, and tends to constantly gesture dramatically. Despite all this silliness, it is still Composer's personality.

The interesting glitch is the reaction of the power breakdowns to the .GMO. Normally, Composer's state of insanity is a giant mishmash of crazy, with no specific focus on how he's crazy. .GMO files, on the other hand, tend to streamline the insanity down one line of focus. In the case of Playwright, while insane, he tends to act as though he were under the effects of several extremely heavy drugs. Twitching uncontrollably, flying into uncontrollable rages, heavily hallucinating, all the works. He is generally incredibly aggressive while insane in Playwright.GMO, and is much less hesitant about using Melee-type chips.

Battle Fluff:
Many, if not all of Playwright's attacks are done by use of props. For example, swords would be wooden replicas, fire would be made of flapping ribbons, explosions become large flashes of light and smoke machines, etc. It's all generally very humorous, and very overdone. And Composer's inwardly laughing his head off at it all.