Name: Snowman.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Wind

Appearance: Snowman stands at an even six feet, with pale skin and red eyes, just like Siro. Wearing a full blue parka, Snowman weighs nearly 250 lbs, most muscle. His arms are almost the size of hams from sheer muscle mass, and the parka does have cuts and such covering it. Snow is almost always on his shoulders, regardless of how much he shakes it off. It's simply for effect, and he knows it.

Personality: Snowman is a brawler, simple as that. He loves to fight, hates to lose, and struggles to get stronger every bit of the way. He is relentless in battle, never letting up on an attack, always believing that it teaches one skills needed to fight back. Always seeing himself as a teacher, he thinks that battle teaches all the necessary lessons of life.

Custom Weapon: Snowman doesn't have a ranged weapon, but instead a burst of cold wind comes from his arms. This energy tends to pierce to the body, causing someone to shiver if not take damage.

Normal Shot: Frost Pulse: Snowman fires off a pulse of frost, extending maybe 4 feet from his hands. This burst cannot be seen, as it is simply cold wind.

Charged Shot: Frost Towers: Gathering energy in his arms and sending it into the ground, Snowman draws forth four towers of ice to spike up from the ground around him. This may seem like a defensive move, but he tends to use this when an opponent gets too close for comfort, and uses it to make them back off while he thinks up a new plan of attack.

Signature Attack: Combat Specialty: 10 damage X 2/Disarming Two turn Cool Down: Snowman is a combat expert, and as such, knows plenty on how to disarm an opponent, after all, using their strength against them is one of the main tactics there are. Slipping past defenses, Snowman forcibly takes his enemy's weapon, and tries to make it his own. If he is particularly distracted, he might simply throw their weapon away, but he usually tries to take their weapon for his own. He also tends to smack the enemy hard with his attack. Twice.