Name: Lashman.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Breaking

Appearance: He looks simplistic in design, which in the past has caused him much pain. A White jumpsuit, black gloves, and black shoes complete his clothing. In the past he had worn a helmet, until it finally suffered data corruption. His Navi Mark, a thin black line dividing two thick white lines, is proudly displayed on his chest and gloves.

Personality: LashMan is quite kind and open. He obeys Suloy's every command without question. He's easy to get along with, but often goes off by himself.
Custom Weapon: ClashKer, special whip, based on Suloy's whip ClashKer. He usually uses it is certain situations as a rope, or to knock stuff down. As well, if he has taken too much damage, his whip turns red.

Signature Attack:
Blizzard Whip
TCD = 1
Disarms opponent in a flurry of lashes from his whip. Does not directly attack opponent.
Disarming attack. Uses 40 points. 1 cool down turn.