Name: BlazeMan
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Shadow
Blazeman is a reddish-orange navi with bat-like wings that don't make him fly on the back. For a symbol, it looks like a giant purple star. He also has two shadow flames on his hands.
Personality: Blazeman is a fighter navi that loves to bust viruses. Some run away from him, because he kind of looks like a Darkloid with the shadow fire in his hands. Sometimes FlareMan acts a bit mean, but not all the time. Some like to call him ShadowBlazeMan. BlazeMan is a fighter because Cole always works him to the bone.
Custom Weapon: Shadow Fire (Range of a normal buster. Shoots a dark flame in front of him.
Signature Attacks:

Name: Volcano Rise
Description: Blazeman grabs the ground, and says "Volcano, RISE!", and then a huge volcano rises, and changes the terrain.
Effects: Large Area Coal Terrain Change
Cost: Large Area Coal Terrain Change (40) = 40
TCD: 1
(40/140 SigPoints)

Name: Nova Fire Drain
Description: Blazeman goes into a T-Stance, and then fire explodes around him, sucking the soul out of the things that get hit.
Effects: Nova3, Fire, Drain
Cost: 10 Nova3 *Drain* Damage (20x3=60) + Fire (Free) = 60
TCD: 2
(100/140 SigPoints)

Name: Tempest Flame
Description: Blazeman reaches his arms into the sky, while his flames go up into the air. When they reach the sky, they come back to Blazeman, and fires a fiery bolt.
Effects: Fire Type, Shot Type Attack
Cost: Fire (+0), 40 Damage (+40) = 40
TCD: 2
(140/140 SigPoints)