Name: Ruina.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Cursor
Appearance: Ruina is a pitch black navi with two blue glowing eyes that peer out of the blackness. It seems that no matter how much light is released, he remains absolutely black. He seems short, around five feet even, and not very stocky.
Personality: He's fairly militaristic, though fun-loving and tries to be normal... Though, when both hands are guns, that's somewhat hard. He really likes shooting stuff, and his favorite phrase is,"There's no such thing as overkill, only,'Fire!' and 'Reload!'".
Custom Weapon: Ruina Buster. Unknown.

Signature Attacks:

Giga Ruin: Active
Desciption: Ten purple energy bolts that blast out of Ruina's hand. They seem to be on fire, though they are cold to the touch.
FX: Multi-Hit Attribute, deals 3 damage per shot, fires 10 shots.
Notes:3 x 10 DMG = 30/60 SigPoints

Novus Ruina: Active
Description: Ruina unleashes a huge blast of energy from himself that blasts everything he's touching with an icy life draining energy.
FX: Nova1, drains 15 hp
Notes: 1(Nova)x 15(Drain) + 15(Total) = 60/60 SigPoints.

2x MiniEnergyPack


Pool: 40
Undershirt (-10)
Shield (-15)