Name: Ran.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Cursor
Appearance: Ran wears a slightly tattered black blazer over light armor colored black and red. His right hand is covered by a fingerless glove with his symbol, a pistol, on the back. He has soft red eyes, and slightly long pitch black hair. His symbol is also printed on the left shoulder of his blazer.

Personality: Ran is a Navi of whims. He's the devil on Jaden's shoulder. Most of the time he'll be the one to convince Jaden to do something he normally wouldn't so they both can have some fun. He's fun loving, and enjoys any kind of action. Whether it's fighting, playing some sort of game or even just ripping on other Navis or Jaden himself.

Ran often makes light of situations. He'll enjoy a battle and even when losing he'll make jokes and insult his opponent. If he gets hurt or even damaged, he'll shrug it off without a care, he'll even shrug off a Navi getting beaten if it can fight. But if he sees someone hurting someone that can't defend themselves he'll intervene. He take his job as Jaden's Navi seriously and does get depressed if he does hurt Jaden seriously.

Custom Weapon: Data Gun Colt Custom. A customized pistol, light weight and capable of both rapid fire and charge shots.
Signature Attack: Tranquil Bullet. The first of many of Ran's special bullets. An Aqua damaging bullet that stuns the enemy. (30 Damage, Stun, 2TCD)