Appearance: Blanco has a red jumpsuit with 'TNT' on the back in large white letters.His face is covered by a white mask that only shows his eyes and has a wide grin painted on it in red.His eyes are a purple color and his hair is also purple.His hair is visible over his mask but his suit is bulkier as it goes down.His shoes say "Pyro" and "Technics" on the outer side of the left and right respectively.

Personality: Blanco is a very aggressive individual who is also chauvinistic to an extent, as being defeated by a female is a bigger outrage to him than losing to a male.He is often very commanding of Danny, who doesn't notice Blanco's aggressiveness toward him due to his personality.Blanco feels a certain level of care toward Danny however, claiming that he would be nothing without "the kid plugging the chips in".He is usually very confident in his abilities, though he knows when someone is completely out of his league, in which case he often will retreat.When asked about his mask he seems to be fairly timid and will often force the topic to be changed or ignore the person if they keep asking.

Custom Weapon: Sticks of Dynamite, that when released from his hand fly at the target in the same path and speed that a normal buster shot would.

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Signature Attack:
Blanco Composition One: Blanco will reach under his mask and pull out a bomb, which looks like a normal ball with wick explosive with a '1' printed on it.He then throws the bomb a target and it will explode on contact with an opponent. 40 Fire Damage + Break
Cooldown:2 TCD