Name: Seli.HLP
Gender: Female

Type: Null
Subtype: Team


Seli (Which is occasionally lengthened to form the name Selina, but generally kept at the shorter Seli) , compared to her operator, has a different kind of beauty. She is a young adult, who could probably be placed at 18, give or take a few years. She has very fair skin, and beautiful blond hair. Unlike her operator, she sports her hair with long bangs, and fashioned into a boyish pixie cut. Her eyes are a bright blue, and her face looks cute and girlish, which helps her pull off the short hair. Her feminine figure is also a big part of this. Standing at around the net equivalent of Five foot six (which is entirely a coincidence, oddly enough) she is quite curvaceous. Whoever designed her wasn't modest about it, and she unlike her operator, her girlish body isn't entirely disguised by her clothing.

She was designed, as can be discerned from her extension, as a help program, and was clothed to match that theme. She looks more human than Navi, as she lacks the familiar Navi body suit, or any sort of armor or visible weapon. She wears a formal looking private school uniform sort of costume. Her upper body is covered in a plain white long sleeved button up collared shirt. Over this shirt she wears a plain, navy blue tie, which features her emblem where the knot itself would be, at the top of her collar. She has a blue plaid skirt, which ends a while before her knees. She has tall white socks, ending shortly before her knees. She has a very plain pair of shoes, which are brown.


Her emblem, like all others, is a circle. It is enclosed in a blue ring, and found fastening the tie Seli wears. The symbol itself is simply 4 yellow triangles coming from each cardinal direction and ending curved along the ring. This leaves a black X shape in the background.


Seli isn't too similar to her operator in this department, either. She has always been a bit more conservative or traditional. She is kind and caring, acting as a positive female role model. She acts this way towards child like entities and animals, especially. She is organized, logical, and intelligent, though she doesn't flaunt this to other people. This is more a side effect of her role as a HELP program, and is generally reflected in her decision making. She is social and friendly, connecting with others easily. Many find her sunny demeanor very inviting. She is friendly and outgoing. She acts as a sort of more level headed voice of reason for Nikki at times, and sometimes as a conscience. She likes when things are well, and when people get along, and will work to make sure that the people around her are happy. She is appreciative and grateful, as well as polite. She's generally cheerful, though she can be calm in situations that require it.


Seli came into Nikki's possession when she got to middle school. Up until that point, Nikki had used normal navis. Seli had come with Nikki's new phone, and has been transferred to each upgrade since that. Seli and Nikki get along well, despite differing personalities. Nikki will turn to her for advice when needed, and Seli acts as the good angel when Nikki is out having fun. Nikki in turn has always had a cool head in very stressful situations, and can help snap Seli out of any sort of shock.

Seli was designed, originally, as a helper. She came with complete knowledge of all the phone's functions and specs. She also can enter the Web and other devices with ports, like most Navis. She handles all Nikki's basic cell phone functions, though Nikki can text much faster than her and often dials numbers herself, or writes messages. Seli handles most formalities. Her programming led her to be rather bright and kind, which helps her think on her feet and do what's best for those around her. Her encyclopedic knowledge of PeT and cell phone functions is also sometimes useful.

On the other hand, Seli does suffer from a slight disadvantage when compared to some other Navis. Seli, designed mainly for domestic use, has diminished battling capabilities. She lacks the standard buster, which most Navis have. She also lacks a usable NaviCust. She has no ability to receive chips, though theoretically she could use those handed to her by others. She can't activate any abilities related to her subtype, passive or active. Lastly, she cannot actually activate any signature attacks as it stands, either.

For many, these minor drawbacks would seem quite crippling. Nikki, however, has never thought so much of them. She never really had a need to go Virus busting, and just kept her Navi on established paths when crossing the Net. Seli, too, has never been too worried about her lack of battling capabilities, for similar reasons. So far, everything has worked fine for them...