Name: Bard.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Subtype: Summon
Description:Bard.EXE is an unusual Navi. The operator is a wise, shy person. Bard.EXE is not and this is shown in both her appearnace and attutide. Bard.EXE is a short thin Navi, the oppostie of her operator. Bard has straight black hair that falls to her shoulders and dangles in front of her eyes. Her hair is hi-lighted blonde and red. Bard's eyes are a soft green color. Her face is thin and her eyes are futher set than most. This is not an obivious feature. Bard has a average bust size, hitting around 34B. She has bigger hips however, hitting 37 inches there.

Bard.EXE wears a pair of small, round black sunglasses that sit lower on her face revealing her eyes. Bard.EXE also wears a black hat, giving her a poetic look almost. She has the classic Navi undersuit, which is colored back and very form fitting. She wears a large black loose shirt over her. The shirt reached down to her finertips, and stops at her mid thigh. Bard also wears a short skirt over her undersuit as well. However this skirt is noramlly not visible, as it is covered by the shirt most of the time. Bard.EXE wears no shoes or foot wrappings, instead her undersuit extends and covers her feet. Bard.EXE wears several chains, barclets, and necklaces. One of the necklaces is a large sword pendent with a rose wrapping around the blade of the sword. She also wears a studded belt on the outside of her shirt. The belt isn't to tight, but it does show were her waist line is.

Personality: Bard is a rather emotional Navi. She lets her emotions and past experiences control her in her battes. Instead of trying to use tatics she often lets anger for a certain enemy or fear or worry guide her. Only Leo can calm her down and bring her back to a thinking team, and sometimes that doesn't even work. Due to this Bard can be rather unpredictable. Bard doesn't mind other navis, and she likes to battle with other Navis. However, she seems to be rather unaproachable and intimidating. If she were get get annoyed at you, would would become intimidated really quickly. She is very lazy which is why she has the Raven Familiar. She would rather sit and play her instruments instead of doing anything else.

Custom Weapon: Bard.EXE has more than one custom weapon, but only one will do damage at a time. She has a Raven familiar(see below), a small drum, a piccolo, her voice, a summonable Dark Harp, and a summonable Guitar. The Harp amd Guitar are used for her powerful upgradeable attacks and disappear after she uses them. All of her normal weapons can deal the same amount of damage, but she can only use one in each istance of a buster attack she uses.

Standard Attack: Bard sings or plays a few basic notes to deal minor damage to the opponet.

Charge Attack: Bard sings or play an octave or short song to deal more damage to the opponet.

Raven Familiar: Whenever Bard uses a chip, the data is displayed to her as notes for her to sing and play. The notes form the spell data, which is sent to her Raven familiar. The Raven familiar is simply the focus point for her chip data and counts as one of her hands. The Raven is part of Bard's coding, and as such can be hurt. The damage goes to Bard when this happens. The Raven can be summoned and unsummoned at will and for no actions, as it is a section of Bard's coding to be called upon when needed. The Raven is by all purposes a flying hand of Bard's. In combat she uses it to cover her more stationary battle tatics, and to cover her dislike of melee combat.

System Wise for Raven: The raven can use close combat chips outside of Bard's Range, but if the target is far enough away to where Bard herself would need to make a tatical movement to get to them, the Raven must take that action to use the chip. The Raven can be hurt, the damage goes the Bard's HP. The Raven can be summoned and unsummoned for free.

Bard and Dodging: Bard is always sitting down in order to play her drums and sing unaltered. So she has a differnet way of dodging. Whenever Bard uses a dodge as an action she must either play a few notes on her piccolo, or sing the same notes. Her dodges are simply she is teleported a few feet to the left or right, just enough to avoid the shot. The shot can still hit Bard, and this movement counts exactly the same as a dodge.

Close Combat Chips: Bard doesn't like to fight in close combat. Whenever she does it means her only weapon is her voice and she can't play any instruments. She may put a close combat chip, rageclaw or sword, on her hand, or her raven. The raven holds the chip until it is overridden, and MUST be overridden before she can use it for another attack. Raven still can be hit, even when useing the close combat chip.

Bard and Walking: Bard is very lazy and most of the time would rather sit down and play her instruments instead of get up and walk, plus she would have a lot to carry is she did walk. So whenever Bard is moving at a walking pace to explore the netways, she instead glides on a small summoned hovering disk. The disk places her on the ground durning a battle and while she is on the disk cannont use any offensive spells.
Bard Band Member #1 the Bass player.

Name: Sly

Gender: Male

Appearance: Sly is a navi who stands around 5' 11" in height and weighs around 150 pounds. He has short dirty blond hair, and a angular face. His profile shoes that his jaw is further out than his forehead. Sly is a slender man, not having much in the way of muscle or physical bulk. His legs are slightly longer and his torso, and he has large hands. Sly is programmed to look like a 21 year old male. This greatly reflects Leo's style of programming, to make everything very realistic. Sly is wearing a brown leather jacket a purple shirt that has the words, "Pass the Funk" on the shirt. The design is a salt and a pepper shaker with Afros and disco style glasses. He wears blue jeans that are straight legged and baggy at the bottom. For shoes he wears shake style shoes, that are dark grey with a white sole. On his head he has a pair of aviator glasses. Sly wears no form of jewelry, which is really opposite of Bard in her standard outfit. For his instrument, Sly carries a Gibson G-3 Bass guitar, that is mainly red with black the playing area and lower knobs.

Personality: Sly is a guy who enjoys a good laugh. He is a light hearted guy who doesn't like conflict with other Navi's. He knows what he has to do in a lot of cases, but it overall a poor planner and enjoys having fun over actually doing important things. Good thing he has Bard to keep him is line and playing his music correctly. He is excellent and playing the bass and supporting Bard in battle, but is sometimes apposed to busting runs and training, and would rather be simply having fun with his skills. He can also get a bit arrogant at times, and needs to be brought down from his high horse to be returned to normal. Sly is also shy around people he doesn't know, also unlike Bard.

Element: Normal

Subtype: Team