Name: Magnophyta
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Bug

Appearance: Magnophyta's upper body has the appearence of a pale lanky female navi with a pale grey vest with her navi icon on it, and matching long grey hair. Her lower body is attached to a giant red flower which has roots attaching it to the ground and vines ending in roses coming from its bottom. Prominent on Magnophyta's top and bottom sections are patches of fire where static data can be seen beneth the flames.

Personality: Magnophyta is a rather lethargic navi who tends to dislike combat. Although she usually tends to disagree with Peter she usually follows along with his ideas due to simply not feeling like trying to talk him out of them. Magnophyta tends to have a somewhat pessimistic outlook on life and herself though she becomes a bit more cheerful around around plant life.

Custom Weapon: The flowers on the tips of Magnophyta's vines shoot buster normal shots and flaming thorns for charge shots.

Signature Attacks:
Black Bloom:(60 pts) Magnophyta shoots flaming seeds from her mouth that take root in the foe on contact and grow into black flowers damaging their core data. (shot type, wood type, 40 damage, CD=2)