Name: Kobbie
Gender: M
Element: Fire
Subtype: Ground

Appearance: Kobbie is a small humanoid creature. He consists of red fur, a small stubby tail, two hands with thick and squshy fingers, two short feet, floppy dog ears, scarlet eyes, and a large rounded snout. He wears a combat uniform consiting of flame patterns and different shades of red. The back of his suit has a large plug-in base for his Blasterpak (see below, Custom Weapon). His navi icon consists of a badge labeled "Lavanaut".

Personality: Kobbie's mood depends on his exterior temperature. The hotter the happier, the colder the more irritable. Its impossible for him to be happy when it's very cold outside, and vice versa. His favorite thing is a dip in his home lava-pool.

Custom Weapon: Blasterpak - A hi-tech multi liquid flamethrower, capable of pulling many different fuels out of itself for attacking.
Signature atks:

Lava blast
Fires a blob of hot lava at the target. [40 damage + [i]spread[/i]] 60 sig points, 2 TCD.