Name: Blitz Lightning.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Speed
Appearance: blitz is actually quite tall being about the same height as her operator, she to is very slender as to facilitate her speed. She has small hands but long fingers and is covered from feet to about her nose in a skin tight body suit that has a pale ice blue with red lightning bolts streaking down to about her shin. she has long flowing hair the same color as her eye's that also match the blue of her uniform. Hands are covered in red gloves that fit tightly around her wrist. her hair is always kept in a long ponytail, except the two large bangs that most of the time when not battling cover her deep eyes. Also around her waist and right leg are small pouches strapped there what she contains in them is not known.
Personality: Contrary to her name Blitz is very quiet and reserved. She rarely speaks but is very caring to all that she considers friends. She tends to hang back and not be seen or notice although when given attention she seems to shine almost glow physically. When it comes to battle however she is exactly like her operator, first one in the battle last one to leave.
Custom Weapon: hands and feet
Signature Attack:
Name: Blitz Attack
Effects: 40 Damage, Tactical Movement, element Elec
: A blindingly fast attack that moves almost faster then the eye can see and punishes the enemy with a powerful melee attack infused with electrical energy. can be done with any part of blitz's body.