Name: Tranum
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Subtype: Sword

Tranum is squirrel-like in appearance. He has grey fur, red eyes, and a rather bushy tail. His body suit is primarily black, with red stripes, and has his navi symbol located on the front (His navi symbol consists of an acorn superimposed on top of a sword, with a red background, and a blue border). His body armour consists of gloves and boots, both of which are red with blue trim.
Personality: Despite generally being friendly, Tranum does have a tendency to be mildly aloof. Although he tends to goof off, he can become serious in an instant, should the need arise. Usually level-headed, Tranum is more likely to find most things a cause for humour, as opposed to a cause for aggression. Despite this, he avoids backing down from a fight, unless he is sure that there is no chance of winning.
Custom Weapon: Monos:

Usually kept is a sheath slung over his shoulders, Monos is a bastard sword, with a black cross-guard, grey grip wrapping, and red jewels in both the pommel and the centre of the cross-guard.
Signature Attack: Flurry: Tranum attacks several opponents at once, wearing them down, and wearing him out. (Melee type, wood, targets four opponents and deals 15 damage each. 2 turn cooldown)