//NAME: Heim and Tactical Body Armor (TBA) MEGINGJARD
//APPEARANCE: Heim himself is close to a regular criminal navi, at about 5'11" net height. What makes him unique is the color scheme of his. His body is a dark black, with purple flame spreading around the joints of his body, much like tattoos. He wearss a long cape off his back, which he has the control over, mostly using this to make it flap, even when there is no wind.

MEGINGJARD is a large, bulky set of armor. At a huge 12' net height, Its cockpit can easily carry Heim inside of it. There is a shoulder mounted cannon on one shoulder, and a huge hammer like object in its users primary hand. There are several jets going up the legs of the robot, and treads on the bottom of its feet. His body itself is a golden color, with stripes of white traveling up the sides of its body parts. On its head, two large horn protrude from the sides and curl down and forward. The head itself is rather circular and helmet shaped, with two glowing blue eyes in it. There are several places all over it's body for extra weaponry to be added as it gets stronger.
//PERSONALITY: Heim himself is flamboyant, cocky, and stuck up. Where as his operator is set on being on con artist, Heim has one purpose in his life: that is to become a super villain. He has seen many different powerful navis and men rise and fall at this, but he has determined himself to someday become one. Not to judge a book by its cover, though, he is still as brilliant, if not more so, then his operator. But at times, he is even more spastic. This wouldn't be a problem, seeing how the only defense he currently has is a generic pea shooter.

It wouldn't be a problem, except for the MEGINGJARD. No one is sure where it came from, but it is a force to be reckoned with. Made for a navi to pilot, it somehow fell into the hands of Heim and Vladimir. When in battle, Heim will call the MEGINGJARD and take control of it as the battle navi, as opposed to himself. Though the MEGINGJARD is not at its full power still, it is more powerful then most normal navis, and should be approached with caution.

though it has no emotions, and is only a weapon, MEGINGJARD seems to often show disapproving silence at the more spastic acts of Heim.
//CUSTOM WEAPON: The shoulder cannon locks onto an enemy, and fires an electrified shot gun shell . It hurts stuff like your face.
//CHARGED WEAPON: the main cannon shifts down, and up comes a rail gun. After charging a long metal pole, the shot if fired. It has been known to peirce through entire persons, so one must be alert.

//MJOLLNIR: B Rank accuracy. MEGINGJARD's most basic attack. The robot does a down ward hammer swing, breaking guards. Break Element, but not Elec.
40 Damage+Impact; Two turn cool down