Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Recovery
Appearance: A giant, deformed teddy bear with comically oversized head and forearms, Arkuma lumbers around on standing all-fours. Upon close examination, his fur is found to be actually a coat of embers evenly distributed across his entire body. Is he a fire elemental in the shape of a bear, or an ill-fated flaming teddy bear? The world may never know.
Personality: Given that Art never really bothers with Netbattling, Arkuma ends up doing double-duty. Completely oblivious to his ridiculous appearance, he eagerly goes around beating up everything he comes across, as he is throughly convinced that he is indestructible. He's also a bit of a pyromaniac.

Custom Weapon:
Rapid fire: Arkuma swats at opponents with his claws.
Charged shot: Arkuma opens his maw and launches a fireball at an opponent.
Signature Attacks: (60/60)

Quote (Beary Caring! (40))

Desc: Arkuma causes the target to grow an unruly flaming fur coat. The mystical flaming fur converts incoming damage to heal its wearer until it expires. Effect: 20 HP Casing on target. As Casing takes damage, the damage is also converted into healing for the target. (Maximum 20 HP heal)
Cost Summary: 20 HP Casing + 20 HP Conditional Heal = 40 (1TCD)

Quote (Beary Tough! (20))

Desc: Arkuma's unnatural vitality causes unexplanable spontaneous regeneration! Effect: Passive 5 HP Healing.
Cost Summary: 5 x 4 (Passive) = 20
NaviCust: (25/40)

1. UnderShirt (10)
2. SetLava (15)