Name: Rafflesiana.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Recover


Rafflesiana's body type is that of a slender young woman. Her facial expression by default is that of her smiling expression and pink let cheeks. Her eye color is a light blue and she seems to have long, blonde hair, but it is single tied by her bands in her hair and topped off by a burette similar to that of her Navi Symbol. An extra feature to her accessories is that she carries a giant daisy with her that seems solidified as a weapon, but this weapon itself seems to only come solidified before her if she were to use Melee type weapons such as Swords, Hammers, or etc.

Her clothing type seems to be that of coordinating to be convincing that she's a flower girl. Mostly it is expressed by a green and yellow theme. The green vine like crease of her dress dividing portions of her dress. Her B-Cup like bust bulges slightly from under her outfit, but this is topped and coveted by her Navi Symbol as well. She seems to also wear green boots and gloves.


Rafflesiana isn't anything short of a tomboy girlish figure. She is usually the one that drags Xenneth along for the ride and tossing words at him like his younger sister and older cousin would, so mostly Rafflesiana is the one that tells him he should be more outgoing and take risks. Furthermore, she has the habit of saying that everything will be okay by believing in her. In publicity of the Net, this is a bad thing since she seems to cause trouble. She wouldn't do anything to try to get Xenneth in trouble though, and even when it's mortal danger and in battle she is confident and easy going depending on Xenneth to do the thinking...whenever he's not trembling in fear that is from the thought of fighting.

As a Netnavi socializing, one would notice her cool laid back attitude that makes her seem like at best "a dumb blonde" in the most accurate description. It's one thing that keeps Xenneth aware and moving if not his sister who he tries to hide the so-called doll at times. Their mission is to help keep the peace in the Real World while growing together to become a perfect tag team. Rafflesiana's purpose and goal however is to make Xenenth into a REAL man.

Custom Weapon:

Rafflesiana's buster is an average buster that commits to a physical pummeling of seeds. Lifting her right hand and replacing it with a bloomed rose, she fires seeds from the bloom in order to damage the enemy. Average and weak, but is fairly reasonable in a pinch.
Signature Attacks:

Sig Pool 15/60

Active Sig
Rafflesi-Arrow ~ Launches a direct arrow attack. By extending her left arm, Rafflesiana's wrist produces a crossbow like weapon weaving together vines similar to that of a rubber tree as well as her free right hand producing Roses with thorns that work like arrows. Firing two of these arrows off, she aims for her targets. (Wood Element.)
(Same Elemental(Free) + (Damage 20) x 2(Multi Hits)) = 40 Sig Points
1 - Turn Cool Down