Name: Traceur.CMD

Gender: Male

Element: Elec

Type: Recover

Appearance: He has dark brown hair with small strands of silver mixed in at random, the hair is slightly mussed up, and is rather short, with some of the bangs falling to the right side, but otherwise rather short and layered. His eyes are heterochromatic, the right eye is dark brown and the left eye is hazel. Traceur's face is youthful and doesn't have stubble. He has ear covers, and they feature a miniature diagram of his navi symbol. The measure of skinsuit he wears as slight padding for his armor is made of a fabric laminate which has the ability to stretch. It is windproof as well as breathable, but only water resistant. It extends to the top of his biceps, the top of his neckline, and down to his hips. His light armor vest is made from lightweight boron carbide ceramics interspaced between small layers of kevlar. It also features his emblem, which is of a snake wrapping around a piece of wood, possibly a staff. On the right side of the armor, there is a small armpit holster for his defense weapon, an auto-revolver. He wears khaki parachute pants made from heavy duty nylon. His shoes are made particularly for excellent traction, providing him with the ability to turn almost on a dime. Probably on a quarter. Traceur's frame is lanky and somewhat muscular, although he is far more athletic and built for sprinting and dodging than punching and throwing out hits. He wears two fingerless gloves, one white and one black.

Personality: Traceur's personality is that of a generally decent and moral guy, but he's firmly grounded in reality. He's aware of sacrifices that occasionally have to be made and although reluctantly, he is willing to sacrifice the few for the many if he cannot find another method around it. He will however do his best to accomplish the third objective to save both. Traceur is talkative and friendly, although he gets terser and terser as the battles get harder and harder. His main passions are helping others and running while getting through obstacles as fast as possible. These two things have made him what he is. Whenever he doesn't have to fight, he won't fight, and if he can, he'll even run from the fight.

History: Traceur was part of a line of hospital navis designed to go on directives to get to their wounded targets as soon as possible, avoiding obstacles if at all possible in order to fulfill the objective. However, after both a failed attempt of using them en masse, as well as the hospital where they were stationed was destroyed by bombs... They were declared obselete in favor of beefing up damage dealers, most of their upgrades were stripped, and they were sold as surplus goods. Traceur was picked up at a bargain bin as a deal with a couple navicust and three basic chips by a college student majoring in mechanical engineering who wanted a navi to clear out his computer. Traceur reluctantly agreed, although he made his new op promise not to defrag/compress his drives as long as he could in order for him to be able to run and jump around as he truly loves to do.

Custom Weapon: An automatic revolver issued for defense, customized to have a smaller cartridge as well as smaller caliber. As opposed to where the barrel normally goes on a revolver, on the automatic revolver, it is placed at the bottom of the four chambers, partially aiding in removing the 'twist' that firing a normal revolver causes. It is sleek, with a wider bore barrel than necessary, but the length of the barrel itself is four inches. This appears to be somewhat of a theme with the weapon, because the amount of bullets it chambers at once is also four. The safety on the weapon is always on until battle, and it is never cocked. The bottom of the gun is white, resembling an ivory-like substance, while the slide and up is a brown with what looks like enameled dark wood grain. The handle has the usual patterning and slight roughness to keep a good grip on the weapon. It's usually filled with blanks.

Signature Attack(s):
[Current Pool: 220/220]

Galvanic Charge: The best mode of attacking to Traceur, he makes a quick burst of speed and strikes out at a foe as quickly as possible with electrically charged fists or if he must, his gun, dodging/getting in position for a follow up--- or simply to allow him to get away. Whichever is best, whichever works. In events that turn bad, he can use this as such of a 'Heal 'n Run', slapping on a quick dab of health onto an ally without pausing, providing the best of both worlds. Adaptability is a must in the life of Traceur, after all.

Effect(s): 60 Elec damage to the target, along with granting Traceur two Movements to use as he sees fit, usually to either back off or position himself, but sometimes for slightly more dramatic means of transport.
[3 CD]

Ferroelectric Field: Opening up some of his 'old subroutines' as Traceur put it, enhanced his capacity to influence the actions of others to the benefit of himself. By imbuing the terrain currently around him with a strong electric current, it is magnetized, completely screwing with the movement of others within this field of reconfigured panels. Traceur himself is left completely unharmed and untouched by the field, as he is quite in tune with his own magnetic field. Electric type does have its benefits, after all.

Effect(s): Large Terrain change to Magnetic terrain in a wide radius around Traceur. Around 60% of the field.
[1 CD]

Maser Throttle: Using his filters to reprocess chips, Traceur's systems align them to make them both akin to his own systems as well as more efficient at what they do. As a side effect, he can imbue them with more energy than strictly necessary to cause them to spark and become aligned to his element.

Effect(s): Imbue Elec to one attack (cannot be rapid buster shot) per turn.
Zenny: 14350
<a href="javascript: togglebar('Harbin1'); void(0);">Joanne Dacker</a><div id="Harbin1" class="signaturetab">[b]Netop:[/b] [URL=]Joanne Dacker[/URL]
-[b]MyFolder1:[/b] [13/30]
--[i]Shotgun:[/i]50 + Sprd1 [A.]
--[i]Cannon:[/i]40 Null + Knockback [A.]
--[i]Cannon:[/i]40 Null + Knockback [A.]
--[i]Zapring1:[/i]45 Elec + Stun1 [A.]
--[i]Rageclaw:[/i] 40 Slsh/20 Impt [B/B.]
--[i]Whiteweb1:[/i] 40 to 3 Wood, Hld/Grapple/Trap [C.]
--[i]Sensor1:[/i] 100 Elec + Beam + Stun1 (Obj) [S.]
--[i]Cannonball:[/i] 150 Null + Break [C.]
--[i]Ringlog:[/i] 50 Wood + Ground + Wide + DblAttk [C.]
--[i]Ironshell1:[/i] 70 x 1-2 Null + Break + Up to 4 Targets
(Obj) [C.]
--[i]RiskyHoney1:[/i] Blocks & Counters with Bees: 5 x 10 + Homing + Wood [A.]
--[i]Guard1:[/i] Reflects attack for 60 Null [S.]
--[i]BubStar1:[/i] 20 Aqua + Bubble Trap + Up to 3 Targets [D.]
--[i]DoubleNeedle:[/i] 50*2 At same target + Null [B.]

-MiniEnergyPack: 2 [50 Heal]
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-[b]MyFolder:[/b] [00/30]
[b]Key Items:[/b]
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Harbin3'); void(0);">Traceur.CMD</a><div id="Harbin3" class="signaturetab">[b]Navi:[/b][URL=]Traceur[/URL]|[URL=]Theme Song[/URL]
[b]Element:[/b] Electric
[b]Type:[/b] Recovery
[b]Level:[/b] 4
[b]HP:[/b] 100
[b]Speed:[/b] 1
[b]NaviCust:[/b] [30/40]
-[b]Equipped: [/b]
--UnderShirt [10]
--Attack+1 [10]
--Charge+1 [5]
--Rapid+1 [5]</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Harbin4'); void(0);">Signature Attacks</a><div id="Harbin4" class="signaturetab">[b]Process Ups+:[/b] 0
[b]Signature Pool:[/b] [100/220]

[i][b]Galvanic Charge:[/i][/b] 60 [color=gold][b]Elec[/b][/color] Damage, 2 [i]Movements[/i]
[i][b]Ferroelectric Field:[/i][/b] Large Area Terrain change to [color=gold][b]Magnet[/b][/color] panels.
[i][b]Maser Throttle:[/b] [Passive][/i] Imbue Null with [color=gold][b]Elec[/b][/color] once per turn.