Name: Ophanium.EXE (Phan for short).
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Healing
Appearance: Ophanium is clothed in a white robe with yellow trimmings around the edges. His robe is ripped through the back, leaving a space for his six wings in the fabric. Although he has these six wings, he cannot fly. Latched onto the side of his hip are his two katanas. Phan's face is obscured by his robe, which constantly shrouds his appearance. Even his mouth never moves, as his voice seems to originate in your mind. Ophanium moves very fluidly, almost gliding over the surface of the Net. Ophanium wears nothing on his feet.
Personality: Ophanium is very cool under pressure, and almost never is out of control of the situation. He will walk very casually into the most serious of situations, but always has a strategy of how to obliterate the enemy. Still, Ophanium's coldness carries over into his social life, or lack there of. He never appears to care about anyone other than himself or his enemy.
Custom Weapon: Ophanium wields two katanas, held in gemmed sheaths at his hip, one on each side. Ophanium can fire out beams of light from these swords, damaging his opponents.
Signature Attack: Holy Aura — Ophanium constantly holds a holy aura around himself, which constantly heals him. (Passive, 5 point healing per turn — 20 points)
Blade of Light — Ophanium concentrates his energy into one of his blades, expanding it to around ten feet long, and then brings it down upon his opponent with all of his might. (40 dmg, 1 TCD)