Name: Flerina.Exe
Element: Normal
Subtype: Sword

Appearance: She is 5'2 in height. Her usual look is a basic blue body suit with pink splashed near her arms and legs. She also wears a traveling cloak that is bluish pink completing the casual look when she is not in battle. When she is in battle, her suit turns into a loose pink jacket, pants colored blue and a blue tee shirt that fits her form nicely. Her blond hair falls past her waist and is neatly tied as a ponytail. Her hazel colored eyes gives the netnavi an explorers look as her kind smile puts most people and netnavis at ease.

Personality: Flerina acts like a cute school girl. Cheerful and outgoing, Flerina is often the voice of reason during any net battles that she and Chrono gets into. She also loves exploring. Period. So whenever she can, she would 'persuade' (coughwhineandbegcough) Chrono to go on an outings. Apart from exploring, Flerina also likes hanging out with friends to enjoy the simple things humans do.

Custom Weapon: A sword about six feet long and four inches wide and is colored yellow.

Sig points before usage: 60/15
Signature Attack: Glitch Blur
Description: Flerina attacks a target five times. One glitch occur during one of the five slashes/shots (Up to the moderator when Glitch happens). But only once.
Effect: Glitch (20 sig) + 10 damage x 4 (40 sig)= 60 sig (2 TCD)
Sig points after usage: 0/0