Name: Shamaness.Exe
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Type: Summon

Appearance: Shamaness' design was based of a twenty year old version of Winona, if she never grew past 4'5. None of her freckles have even started to fade. Her short hair follows a pattern of black roots, blonde hair, and black tips. Still, you can easily see a layer of black hair underneath the blonde section. She prefers to wear a purple shirt, with a black long-sleeved one under it. Along with the top, she wears a blue skirt. A set of black gloves have the emblem of the staff on them. The shoes have a 3-4 inch heel to make her slightly taller.

Personality: As for Shamaness, she's still stuck as apathetic teenage. Having missed about sixteen years of maturing, she hasn't to respect anyone or anything. Every sentence has a subtle sarcastic tone, causing others to question her honesty. The only two sides people see are either somewhat relaxed or upset. Really, that's all she needs. Although it would be nice she were calm more often; that's usually saved for work.

Custom Weapon: Ethereal Rod: A brown staff seemingly made out of wood. On top is a transparent orb of energy, that shoots out beams of similar-colored energy. The color and shape change depending on the element and type of attack used.

Signature Attack: Summon of the Sniper- Object; 10 passive damage(+30), 30 HP (+30) 2 TCD- Shamaness brings out a spirit of a young man, wearing a bright blue uniform. You can clearly see through him, but he can still be hurt physically. Whatever he is, it attacks by firing its rifle once every turn at an enemy.