Name: Nen (means ancient waters in Egyptian)
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Type: Speed

Appearance: His skin is a pale peach color with a patches of blue scales on his right cheek, his chin, back of his left hand and left side of his forehead. His 'suit' that all navis seem to have begins at his wrists where a small golden ring bracelet is connected to him. He has aquamarine colors gloves with a hole in the back to revel the back of the hand. His shoes are small and medium blue. At the edge of his shoes (around his ankles) is another pair of golden rings which connect to his suit. His suit is a dark navy color. On his shoulders there are green shoulder pads that have a scale pattern. In the center of his chest is a circle with the symbol of a wave. A green strip runs from the symbol down between his legs and into a blue/green fin at the base of his spine where a tail would be. His right eye is yellow with a reptilian looking iris and pupil, his right eye is a sea blue color and looks human. In place of his ears are two fins which are the same color as his 'tail' fin. A dark blue helmet is on top of his head but it goes around the 'ears' and stops just short of the forehead allowing a bit of brown hair to stick out. The back of his helmet connects to the 'suit' which also covers his neck. All in all he looks like some kind of human/fish hybrid.

Personality: He is kind of the polar opposite of his Operator's 'disguise'. He is outwardly friendly and willing to help. He often persuades Damien to help other people in trouble and often guides him in every day life. When Damien finds himself in a jam when talking to other people Nen often digs him out. Nen supports Damien more than anyone else ever has and most likely his best friend. Despite this he sometimes slips when meeting other navis and tends to be wary of them and doesn't talk much around them since one navi who seemed friendly at first nearly deleted him. Besides that he enjoys music and singing.

Custom Weapon: A weapon similar to a normal buster however it shoots water instead of whatever a normal buster shoots. Nicknamed the Aqua Buster

Signature Attack:
Aqua Spiral - Shoots a bullet of water that spins so rapidly and comes to such a fine point at the end it can break through amour and other defences.
Same Element, Shot Type Attack, Break [20] + Impact [20] + Dmg [20] = [60 points]
Two turn cooldown
0/60 points left