Name: SliceMan
Gender: Male
Element: (Fire, Aqua, Wood, Elec, or Normal): Normal
Type: (Break, Sword, Cursor, Wind, Recover, or Normal): Sword
Appearance:Red helmet, blue upper body, red lower body, blue
buster. When a sword chip is used it appears red unless
elemental. His navi mark is located on his chest like normal: it is a diagonally cut circle with a jagged exterior. The top is blue and the bottom is red. He has a black outer border on his Navi mark (also jagged) and a white dividing line in the middle.
Personality: Only kind to those who've earned it, otherwise
cold and reserved. Very logical under almost all
Custom Weapon: A blue buster that fires red shots.
Signature Attack:
Points pool: 60 pts
Type: Melee (= Sword): Free
Damage: 60 : 60 pts.
Total spent: 60 pts.
Description -- Sliceman's buster transforms into a red sword.
He jumps and slashes down vertically, trying to cleave his
opponent in two. As soon as the slash connects or misses, he
retransforms his arm into the buster to prepare for more
TCD = 2