Name: Ukutsk

Gender: Male

Element: Aqua

Type: Guts

Appearance: Wrapped in a thick outfit of light blue and white, Ukutsk is a pretty short and chubby. However, there is more to this Navi than meets the eye. If one looks closely, it appears that Ukutsk resembles a polar bear standing in an upright position ready to strike. His chubbiness causes him to be a little more slower than average. His eyes are dark optic sensors, his nose consists of what appears to be a bear nose, and he has bear-like ears as well. There is also a water droplet symbol on his forehead.

Personality: Ukutsk.EXE is what could be considered the complete opposite of Roland. He will never shut up, always has something to say, and can't stand being alone. His overconfidence could be confused of that of arrogance. He never backs down and never gives up. One thing the two share in common, however, is their liking of sarcastic remarks. Sarcasm is one of the few things the two share.

This pure determination Ukutsk.EXE possesses is the basis for his fighting style. No matter what is thrown at him, he will attempt to find a way around the obstacle (or through it sometimes). Yet, this overconfidence he possesses has caused quite a few drawbacks and sometimes creates even more problems to find a way around.

Custom Weapon: Ukutsk.EXE's left arm has been fitted with a system that allows him to fire mini-spears.

Signature Attack: Ice Sickle: (60/60) 2 [TCD] Ukutsk.EXE shoots a mini-spear wrapped in ice which shatters upon impact. Shot type, Aqua Element, Splash, 48 damage.