Name: Loki

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Type: Shadow

Appearance: If one could see past the black outfit, one would notice that Loki.EXE looks strikingly similar to an upright fox. He is very sleek and agile, and basically looks like an anthropomorphic fox in a ninja suit. He is a relatively young PET, and possesses two fox-like tails. He is not very tall, but that actually helps him to be more stealthy when fighting viruses and the like. His head has two beady-looking optic sensors, with a pointed muzzle and two canine like ears, the right one having a small nick.

Personality: As if to make up for his operator's weakness, Loki.EXE is actually a very mission driven Navi with an above-average work ethic. He's turned out to be Jack's voice of reason on more than one occasion, usually to keep him out of trouble or keep him from jumping into a situation without thinking.

Loki.EXE is very wise for his "age," and often gains respect quickly because of this. However, Loki.EXE also enjoys the occasional prank with Jack, and he doesn't mind helping out in any way he can to cause some mischief. This sometimes translates into his battle style, as he likes to trick his opponents to give himself an advantage.

Custom Weapon: Loki.EXE's right arm has been outfitted with a shuriken launching apparatus to supplement his stealthy fighting style. Instead of the standard buster, it looks more like a hand, with a small slit in the palm to fire shuriken.

Signature Attack:
Flaming Shuriken: (60/60) Loki.EXE shoots a shuriken engulfed in ghostly flames at his opponent. Shot type, Fire Element, Phasing, 40 damage.