Name: Elephireante.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Guts

Appearance: Elephire is a red, enormous elephant. He has no armor on, as his skin is sturdy enough to withstand many blows on its own. However, he does wear a "tunic" of sorts that is a bit darker than his skin, and his eyes are lined with a darker coloring than the rest of his body. Elephire has very lumbering motions, and is not precise at all.

Personality: Elephire never thinks things through, charging into battle without a second thought. He always tries to eliminate his enemies as fast as he can, never being afraid of any injury or harm that may come of him if he does so. Interestingly enough, Elephire can talk, even as an elephant. However, just like Ethan, he rarely forms complete sentences, and probably has the intellect of a fifth grader.

Custom Weapon: Elephire's weapon is his trunk, which fires out fire balls as a buster shot.

Signature Attack: Power Poot — Elephire turns his back to the enemy, and a look of concentration comes over his face. Then, a streamline of fire bursts out of Elephire's behind, damaging one enemy (60 fire damage, 2 TCD).