Name: Hawk.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Subtype: Wind

Appearance: Hawk is a humanoid Navi, dressed in a white suit with red armour on his chest, elbows and knees, as well as red boots and gauntlets. He is built small and lithe, with streamlined muscles. He has spiky black hair, and brown eyes, though these are hidden often by a white helmet and red visor. On the helmet are two stylised wings over where his ears would be.

Personality: In many ways, Hawk is the exact opposite, but the exact same as his Operator. He's quite insane and carefree, often doing things because he wants to. This often leads to a clash in personalities with his Operator, but when the going gets tough, the duo get tougher and put aside their differences. Hawk may not be the brains of the group, but he mores than makes up for it with his skills in a fight.

Custom Weapon: Hawk uses a buster modified to fire feathers made of fire.

Signature Attack:

Flare Kick, 1TCD, 40 Damage, Same Element Attribute and Melee
Simply, it is a flaming kick to the enemy's face. That is pretty much it.