Name: Mizuryu.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Type: Sword
Appearance: Having a small build, Mizuryu is your average humanoid Navi, wearing an aqua blue jumpsuit, which is decorated with two shoulder pads in a darker color than his jumpsuit, also, he wears a pair of navy blue gauntlets and boots to accompany his other articles of clothing. As for his emblem, it it attached on his middle chest, which is a small circle embezzled by an engraving of a head of a blue dragon depicted roaring. His helmet is quite streamlined with two "fins" protruding from the back, with a black and light blue coloring, a black visor attached to cover his dark red eyes. This helmet doesn't cover his head entirely though, as it allows for his red hair to flow down to his shoulder.
Personality: Brash and loud, Mizuryu is the one easily angered or insulted, as opposed to his patient operator. But if you look past that and get to know him, you'll realize that he is quite a sociable Navi to be with, of course, that's when his operator is not pointing out his fault and generally chiding him over mistakes he did. Besides that, he is very, and I mean VERY reckless in charging towards a situation, meaning that he'll not think twice when confronted with either a virus or a Navi that is stronger than him. This alone has led to Kizuna exhausting either his subchips or recovery chips in battle or after one. He may not look like it, but inside, he considers his operator a great friend, as he knew that his operator's advice is sometimes right, and never abandons him, however bad the situation is.
Custom Weapon: Mizuryu's weapon is just a normal Sword on his right arm, which has been modified to have a red blade, as opposed to the normal blue color of a Sword.
Signature Attack:

X-Strike (40/60) 1 TCD, 40 Damage, Same Element Attribute and Melee
Basically, Mizuryu will dash at an enemy and slash it two times with his sword, first downward diagonal right, then downward diagonal left in a rapid succession, dealing Aqua damage in the process.