Name: Cosa_Nostra.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Type: Wind

Cosa Nostra is a dark, foreboding presence on the Net. Influenced by numerous old movies about mafia, Cosa Nostra bears the appearance of a world-weary man in his late sixties, of middling height with a slightly bent posture. His face is lined with the wrinkles and lines of age, with his dark knowing eyes sunken deep into his skull. His receding hair, when not obscured by the tattered grey fedora that usually finds it's way onto his head, is gray-white and greased back. Cosa Nostra wears a worn, ripped three-piece suit that once must have been black, but over the years faded to grey, with a white button-up shirt and neck tie underneath. In one hand he carries an old-style six-shot revolver, in the other hand he constantly has a cigar. Frequently Cosa Nostra will take a puff of the cancer stick, but no matter how little he smokes it there is perpetually a thick cloud of smoke surrounding him, half-hiding him in the noxious fumes. Every so often the smoke writhes as if it were alive, and shapes sometimes form out of it at it's creator's command.

Cold, gritty, and ruthless, Cosa Nostra is the spitting image; both appearance-wise and personality-wise, of an old Don who's seen too much of life and lives only because he hasn't died yet. He sees nothing wrong with making sacrifices as a means of getting what he wants, and shows no mercy even to the most pitiful foe. He is emotionally shut down, unmoved by anything and incapable of showing much positive emotion himself. The only emotional weakness he has (or admits to) is a fondness for cats.

Custom Weapon:
A net representation of the ancient US M1873 Old West Army Pistol; the revolver that Cosa Nostra carries with him everywhere. The gun is formed from blackened steel, with a black finish to the wooden grip. It fires six shots before it has to reload; the only thing separating it from an exact real-world replica is the ominous echo each shot makes.

Signature Attack: "Making Your Bones"

Named for the old Mafia standard of committing your first contracted kill, Cosa Nostra opens his gun as if to reload. Instead of doing so, however, a stream of the smoke surrounding him will flow into the gun. Upon firing, the bullet will lead a brilliant tongue of flame from the revolver to the target; the flames being hot enough to pierce through most defences.

(40 Fire Damage, Break)
2-turn CD