Name: Ketsuban.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Bug
Appearance: Ketsuban's a simple humanoid navi, and has the build of your average teenager. Most of his body is covered in a dark grey jumpsuit, which itself is covered in glowing green circuitry patterns. He has gloves and boots which are the same shade of green as the patterning and also glow. His Navi symbol is on his chest, which is a green circle inside of a green ring with a gap at the top, on a black background.

He doesn't have a helmet, and instead just has messy grey hair and green hearing receptors that are connected around the back, like a pair of headphones. His face is fairly pale, and his eyes are solid, glowing green. Two green stripes run from his eyes down his cheeks.

He's almost always grinning, and sometimes he seems to flicker, but this is purely aesthetic.

Personality: Ketsuban is... eccentric. He puts out a friendly face, talking openly with friends and total strangers alike, and tends to get rather overbearing or obnoxious. He likes to talk aimless about nothing in particular, cheerfully guides conversations in circles, and will switch subjects on a whim if he gets bored. He always seems to be doing something, be it whistling or tapping a foot or chattering to empty air. Despite his strangeness though, he seems like he'd be harmless enough. He seems to be able to talk about some of the strangest and disturbing things as if they were normal, though, and at times acts far more sadistic than what's comfortable...

He tends to boss Green around a lot, mocking his timidness and often claiming that their roles seem to be switched. However, he seems to genuinely like his Operator, and will listen to him when he actually gives him orders.

Background: Ketsuban was an attempt by Green to make a Navi that would help him to debug programs and generally help him with computer issues. Getting assistance from friends and internet sources, he eventually managed to create the customization program and promptly applied it to his default Navi without double checking.

This, of course, was a bad move, and while the resulting Navi was perfectly functional and did his job well, his personality left a lot to be desired. Furthermore, he seemed to block out any attempts Green made to 'fix' him, apparently thinking he was just fine the way he was. Since he couldn't repair the errors he made or afford to get a new Navi, the two had to learn how to get along.

It hasn't been easy.

Custom Weapon: Ketsuban's "weapon" is a circular, green interface which he can call out when needed. To attack, he'll input commands into the disc, which then fires pulses of data at enemies. If he really needs to, he can also use the disc as a bludgeon.

Signature Attacks:

Glitch x1 0 points (Infected), 1 TCD
Ketsuban quickly codes and releases a string of virulent data, which attaches to a random target and does... something. He's not sure what, and he can't control it.

Total Spent: 0/140

Ping Flood
Slow x1. 40 points, 1 TCD
Ketsuban bombards a target with junk data, slowing them down for a round until the data flood stops.

Total Spent: 40/140, 100 left

Trace Packet
20 damage, Seeking. 40 Points, 1TCD
Ketsuban fires off a packet of data which erratically seeks and damages a target.

Total Spent: 80/140, 60 left

3-hit Shield. 60 Points, 2TCD
Ketsuban imbues his interface with a defensive program, allowing it to absorb 3 hits before the program shuts down.