Name: Turrello Ran.EXE


Element: Normal

Type: Cursor

Appearance: Ran is about half the height of the default NetNavi model with a round, doll-like face and two golden eyes. Her earrings look like three crystallised shapes, a green triangle within a red sphere within a blue cube which make up Ran's navi symbol. Her silvery-blonde hair has two mini pigtails to the front-sides of her face, and the rest is bunched under a green, British WWI helmet decorated with a red ribbon and Ran's symbol. She wears a blossom-pink, two-piece battle dress with wide sleeves into combat, her symbol plastered all over it in giant spreads and lines. It has a bowl-shaped cut which widens from her waist down to her knees with white, puffy undergarments underneath. The dress is designed to keep her looking elegant without impairing her ability to fight. On her feet, she wears flat-soled, thigh-length leather boots as a preference. Ran is equipped with a brown pack strapped tightly to her back to avoid losing balance and slipping. In it she stores zenny, items, her weapons and a general assortment of various munitions including weapon scrolls and light ordnance.

Personality: Coy and mischievous at times, Ran likes to be in control of the situation. To enemies and allies alike, she finds it amusing to manipulate and deceive. When things turn sour, she gets flustered easily and is more likely to avoid the problem entirely. Has a less devious attitude toward her operator, whom she regards as a kind of brother. Ran considers herself to be an expert marksman and speaks in a refined manner which doesn't quite fit with her outward appearance. Doesn't like to get in close to her foes, preffering to fight from range, but can if the situation deems it necessary.

Custom Weapons: Ran is the owner of an assortment of personalised weapons to suit a wide variety of tasks and situations. Her primary weapon is The Queen's Lady, a bolt-action rifle with nine identical metal plates attached near the muzzle end. The plates can be extended outwards in an overlapping circle to provide protection when firing, with the uppermost leaving a small peep-hole for a crosshair. The handle of the rifle has a distinct U curve, making the weapon resemble a parasol when fully deployed, and indeed, is often used in this way. The weapon can fire digital buster attacks without the need for reloading and is used more often to fire shot-type chips. However, all chips must be manually loaded. As well as a wooden finish along the bottom of the rifle, white, glowing scriptures and Ran's symbol can be seen etched along the barrel. When not in use, the weapon is either carried like an umbrella or holstered horizontally through Ran's backpack.

The Fallch & Lessr is a one-handed revolver with four gun barrels closed together in a square, four firing hammers, two sitting horizontally, an automatic loading/firing mechanism and a pump-action trigger. Mostly used to fire buster shots and shot-type chips in close range, the Fallch & Lessr can shoot much faster than Ran's primary weapon and is less cumbersome in combat. The inner quarter of each barrel is cut out and connected together, combining the four muzzles into a single hand-cannon for use in firing chip attacks. The major use of this weapon is for ground-type chips, fired into the floor. Sometimes used in conjunction with the Sentinel Of Doubt when faced with a melee-ing foe. The weapon's holster is a modified pocket on the right side of Ran's backpack. Silvery blue markings appear around the handle.

The self-loading mortar launcher poking out the top of Ran's backpack is known as the Nimbus Hammer. It can fire continuously without user input and is mainly employed to launch any throw-type chips she uses. Ran's two earrings act as glass broadcasting locator pins, allowing her to accurately aim at the target simply by looking at it. Two metal joints on either side of the weapon act as recoil suppressors, which, along with the main barrel, collapse into the backpack when not in use. Glowing, golden linework of Ran's symbol is etched around the cannon's outer casing.

Concealed under Ran's dress is a scabbard holding her close-combat weapon, Sentinel Of Doubt. The design is based on a hochogata tantô shortsword which can be easily unsheathed in emergencies. As a short-ranged weapon, she uses it for her melee type chips, occasionally alongside the Fallch & Lessr. A customised handle allows Ran to affix the Sentinel of Doubt to the wooden finish of The Queen's Lady, giving the rifle a bayonet for added offensive capabilities. Ran's symbol can be seen on the hilt in glowing red scripture.

Signature Attacks:

Vampire's Happy Silver Bullet: Either the Fallch & Lessr or the Queen's Lady is loaded with this ammunition. The round stains the area around the entry point with Ran's symbol, transferring and converting the damage to heal herself. (60 point: Drain by 30) 2TCD