Name: ToolMan
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance: He is a rather large Navi. His head starts off with black hair, that is shaved to look like a flat-top. Covered by it is a hard-hat that is collored yellow. His face is stern-looking and cocky. He also has a small mustache. His chest formed with pecs and abs. It looks like a normal human's chest (without the nipples), with the skin color of his face, which is a tannish brown.

His arms are a bit small, and look like giant pipe tubes. Then they connect to a giant pair of white arms. The arms hang to his side, and are in fact very long and almost drop to the floor. His legs are muscler and short. they are covered by a blue coat until his feet, which are then collored black, and look like work boots.

On his slolders going into his back, there are 2 giant circle blades that are half-imbedded into him. Then around the imbedded area is a small metal coating that cover only his sholders. When he isn't using it, he carries on his back a giant pixaxe that he uses to attack, replacing the fact that he dosen't have a buster. On his side on his hips, he has on a belt that carries a drill, 2 screwdrivers, and wrench.

Personality: He is more type that only speaks when it was needed or when he needs to say his mind. He gets bored and lazy really easily, and perfers not to battle at all. Sometimes he would even give up in a match just because it wasn't any fun or it was too time-consuming. To him, it is just a waste of time. He is also somewhat cocky. But what he dosen't show too often is that when he feels nessisary, he will step in to protect the ones he loves. then after the event he will either deny it or pretend it never happened.

He is not suprised easily, so he is very relaxed in most situations and act like he dosen't care all that much. But when he is suprised by something, he reacts by avoiding things with a cocky attitude and keeps the fact that he's suprised inside him.

Side Info: Ralez wasn't actually ToolMan's first operator. The one to own ToolMan before him was Ralez's older brother, Tom. Tom was alot like his Navi, but was much nicer to the ones he acared about. He was also a miner. He had died though 3 years ago in a mining accident, so as a last wish he wanted ToolMan to be there for Ralez and prepare for the real world, and in turn have ToolMan be taken care of by Ralez.

Custom Weapon: He has a long pixaxe with a very medium range. He swings it down to create a shockwave or foreward at the opponent.

Signature Attack: Razor Slice He realeses 2 blades that shoot out from his shoulders. They first come from the side and attack an enemy from behind with a 30 damage for each hit. The blades are equipt with the Slashing effect as well. The blade usually come from the floor can detach at will and go into the air. After, they return to the same position they were before the attack.