Name: Phantasm
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Shadow

Appearance:Because Phantasm is merely a normal navi that has been possessed, his appearance dramatically changes' depending on which consciousness is in control. When the original inhabitant Grey is in control, he takes on the appearance of a simple normal navi, with a colouring that is slightly paler than a regular normal navi's due to the energy consumed by his other form. When the second consciousness, known as Phantasm, takes control his body structure completely changes, the most obvious of these is the transformation of his limbs, as his hands and feet become completely formed of flames, the flame embodiment continues up to his elbows and knees, it also forms his shoulders and a large part of the bottom of his torso, this joins the remainder of his legs and chest together. The final change that occurs is the fact that his head is lifted clean of his shoulders and engulfed in the same ferocious lime green flames. What is left of the navi's original body takes on the colour of a deep purple, the navis emblem of a green ball of flame centred in a deep, almost black background is centred in the middle of his remaining original chest.

Personality: When in the original form, Grey has a very pessimistic view on life, his lack of control coupled with his lack of knowledge on what has happened to him in times passed has left him with a deep empty feeling, his constant feeling of uselessness leads to him being very easily pushed around, shy and easily scared by many things, although if you were to push past this, you would find that he is a great strategist, with a great knowledge of the working of his chips. When the Phantasm takes control he becomes a totally different navi, surly, uncompromising and incredibly stubborn, he believes that he always knows best and should always take the lead, with very little understanding of other navi's and their feelings, Phantasm usually comes across as rude, blunt and obnoxious. Due to his ghostly origins, Phantasm has a strange way of speaking, usually talking of death with little worry or care while also speaking of things that had happened to him in past incarnations. The strangest thing about him though is that he seems to lack full control of himself when battling, leading Lex to believe that there may be more to him than meets the eye.

Back story: While surfing the internet one day, Lex and his new navi found a mysterious door. The door was locked and had a heavy inscription so Lex decided to let it be. As the new navi turned away, the door opened releasing a wave of energy that knocked the navi of his feet, many flames began to fly out in all directions, some green, some blue, the green flames flew at the normal navi before he had time to react. The navi mysteriously transformed into a new form that begun to rapidly shoot down the red flames, many escaped to the new navis disappointment. He turned towards Lex and spoke to him, "I'm Phantasm, we must find and destroy those ghost navis before they cause anymore damage". Lex with a look of puzzlement asks, "Who the hell are you?" At this point Phantasm fell to the ground and turned back to his normal state, Lex's quest for answers has begun.

Custom Weapon: In normal mode, Phantasm has a normal buster, but in ghost mode he can shoot green flames out of his hands
Signature Attack:
Fire Morph

(Teleport) 50/140 2 turn cooldown, Phantasm bursts into many small green flames which move at will to a new location where Phantasm can reform

Spirit Power

(Strengthen by 20) 20/300 1 turn CD, Phantasm uses his ghostly powers to boost his strength.

Dead man's Curse

Being a ghost does have a few perks, Phantasm has learnt many different curses and incantations through the years, all of which are aimed to kick the target where it hurts. Through the use of an incomprehensible long forgotten language, Phantasm summons a flaming skull from his hand, the skull laughs manically as it seeks the target. If the enemy is unfortunate enough to be hit by the attack, they would not notice any immediate effects, except for an ethereal candle floating above their head. The true effect kicks in later on, when the enemy will be hit with a sudden, damaging blow

80/300 points, 2 turn cooldown, 80 DMG - 80 points, same attribute - 0 points
(Shot type, delayed 80 DMG at the end of the next turn, Fire Attribute)

Cloak of Shadows

Being sneaky is a essential part to Phantasm's battle style, taking things one step further, he has even gained the ability to conjure a strange cloak as if from thin air, its tattered, fragile and worn out appearance is deceiving to those who see it, as it has the ability to make the first thing it touches invisible for a limited duration, whether that be Phantasm, a friend or even a foe.

80/300 points, 2 turn cooldown, 1 turn invisibility - 80 points
(Grants 1 turn invisibility to target of choice)

Graveyard of the damned

Being dead, it is only natural that Phantasm would be at home in a place filled with dead things! Not actually being able to summon the dead yet, the next best thing would be to summon their markers. With his strange powers, Phantasm summons many old tombstones and although they may be fragile, they have many different uses.

40/300, 1 turn cooldown, 20 x 2hp object summon - 40 points
(Summons 20 2hp, 2' tall tombstones; they can be summoned wherever Phantasm wills them)