Net Navi

Name: Mechaman.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Normal

Appearance: Mechaman, otherwise known as Mech, was designed by Ken to look similar to the large robots that flew across his tv screen ever Saturday morning. Yet the slim figure and slight build of the navi show that Ken also designed Mech with himself in mind as well. Otherwise the navi would be a towering figure that was as wide as a train. Yet instead Mechaman stands at only six feet in height and appears to be the average size of a men in his early twenties. This is still a great deal larger than Ken himself, however it is not as large as Mecha could have possibly been. His body seems to be covered by a black layer of material that serves as his skin, atop which his armor sits. His armor is purple and white in color, the presence of each color varying per piece.

Personality: Mech could almost be described as Ken's virtual polar opposite. He is never starved for attention, and rather things that too much is given to him by his master. He is never greedy and would rather do things for others than to have others do anything for himself. Mech is also very mild mannered and calm, regardless of the situation.

Giving the term PET a run for its money, the net navi is a loyal companion who's only goal in the world is to please his master Ken. Just as Ken would do anything to keep Mechaman, so would Mecha do anything to satisfy Ken. After all this was the sole purpose he was created and thus it is his primary function.

Custom Weapon: Cust-Arm 5000 — One of the best programming jobs Ken has ever accomplished, and it was done by fluke. The Cust-Arm was Ken's attempt at tampering with the standard issue blaster that is installed onto each net-navi. He knew that something special had to be made for Mechaman and after hours and hours of work he eventually stumbled upon the perfect weapon for him.

The Cust-Arm is a weapon that is adaptable to most situations. Normally it takes the form of Mecha's right hand, thus the weapon is a fist. However with a simple command the fist can change into a buster, a sword, or a shield. Each switch normally takes one turn to install, that being the only downside to the Cust-Arm.

Signature AttackHavok Arm — The Cust-Arm opens up all along Mechaman's arm up to his shoulder blade as it glows with a bright white light. A high whining sound can be heard as the arm chargers energy for a second before taking on the form of a new weapon that can be utilized for a single attack.

[Random Attribute (Shot, Melee, or Heal), 60 Damage (Attack) 45(Heal)— 2 Turn Cooldown]