Name: Pierrotman
Gender: Other
Element: Elec
Logo: A circle with an inverted anarchy symbol, on a black background.
Appearance: Pierrotman is a Jack-in-the-box-clown Netnavi, with a jester hat and a white mask as his face. His face is plain and white with no faction expect the eyes, which are different colored paint spills. He has arms larger than his body, they have stripes of different colors thant end up in white gloved hands. His torso is a corset with one red side and one black side and a circle with his insignia in the center. As his legs, he has a wide spring connected to his torso and he moves around by bouncing. This makes him taller than most navis. Below his spring there is a big box that he can use for cover, however for increased mobility he tends to hop out of it when in a battle (just like some navis put on battle masks right before battles). Pierrotman has no mouth, so his voice seems to come from a different direction every time he speaks.

Artist impresion of pierrotman: (pretend I don't suck at spritting)
Personality: Annoying prankster laughing all the time. He was designed with a personality just like Billy's to be fully compatible with him.
Custom Weapon: Finger Buster: Pierrotman shots buster shots from his index fingers. The charged is one of those shots getting juggled around until it takes form of a carnival thrown ball (like those of the cannoballs in the MMBN games)

Signature Attack:
Return to the box(1-hit shield=20 points): Pierrotman contracts his spring and his box appears around him, shielding him from attacks. Cool down=1 turn.

Juggle(thrown attribute+Charge Burner[+20]+Multi hit+60hpd=60 points): After the Finger Buster has been charged the ball created splits into five smaller balls that are shot at the same time for a total of 60 damage. Cool down=2 turns