Name: Seraphim.exe

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Ground

Appearance: He resembles a strangely dressed humanoid with slightly long feathered white hair, as well as green eyes. His hair also has a strange bob emerging from the top of his head, seeming to be a strange, gravity-defying occurrence. His height is about 5' 10". For clothing description, see his Support Unit, which takes the form of his armor/clothing. Upon the breaking of his support unit, he is clad in the essentially basic armor of a tan tunic and grey pants with sandals. Under this is the black skinsuit that extends to his elbows and thighs, as well as to the top of his neck.

Personality: Seraphim was a base model of military navi that was originally a one-use deal. Inputting a command and then setting on a mission, they would self-terminate when the mission would complete. However, when Erin received this at a discount due to the company going bankrupt and selling the remainder in an internet sale, Erin purchased several for a nominal fee. Fooling around with the pseudonavis by inputting certain commands for using them on quick jobs that a normalnavi could do got boring fast. Attaching her PET into her universal game console, she instead loaded as much as the pseudonavi would allow into the customizing sequence. The games were of multiple video game genres that were from multiple years ago, including MMORPGs/RPGs, as well as FPSes and Adventure/Action games. Most of which Erin loved, as her hospital didn't get a internet connection until a couple weeks before her random purchase, which created her navi using using that odd sequence of events that wouldn't have normally worked even in the drunkest of programming. Thus was the creation of a rather happy, go-lucky character that believes he's a character in a video game, slightly ironic, given everything. He questions everything and other navis, asking if they're "Plot devices", or "NPCs" at times, but is really quite the 'nice guy' if get past the video game babble.

Quote: "You want to join my party?"

Custom Weapon: He wields an small array of weaponry, amongst which is a large caliber semi-automatic rifle which fires projectile shells encased usually in energy. He makes can also attempt to slash the enemy with a mounted bayonet on the rifle.
The other two weapons consist of a nearly comically oversized sword whose blade is easily at least a foot wide and about four feet in length. It is covered in strange runic patterns, but the larger mystery is how Seraphim wields it with his stature without simply falling over from the weight.
The final weapon is a small sidearm, the secondary ranged weapon evident in most first-person shooters.
Support Program Statistics:

Level: 20

HP: 40

Attack: 10

Actions: 3

Type: Fire

Sub-Type: Shield

Appearance: Seraphim's Support Unit takes the form of his clothing, and his armor. It manifests as a sort of 'armor', which is both pliable and flexible, perfect for Seraphim's agile tactics.

From top to bottom, the first part are pairs of soft contact lenses, which use a virtual retinal display to broadcast an HUD that labels and paints each enemy with a target by inscribing the image directly into his retina, and identifies each ally by name, as well as notes that Seraphim can edit. It can analyze enemy attacks, ranking their threat rating, as well as highlighting possible escape routes. Unfortunately, Seraphim only sometimes listens to these alerts. The contact lenses themselves are 'clear' with emerald green irises.

The 'armor' starts with a somewhat oversized seamless grey-brown collar, which is part of a protective vest with two coat-tails going out to the sides. Seraphim's emblem is covered by the vest itself. It is made from a weave of kevlar, with the added addition of isotope-silicon nanowires wrapped around micro-anodes embedded in the weave. These play a triple role, being used as a Faraday cage, absorbing energy for weapons/defense use, and the 'armor' is both durable and reusable, as the matrix of 'batteries' in the armor form a reactive barrier which helps to prevent damage from even breaching past the first layer, disintegrating projectiles, and highly miniaturized-transformers funnel more energy into the batteries.

Seraphim's white 'undershirt' is made from a mixture of shock-reducing carbon fiber, sandwiched between a layer of stiff canvas. It is oversized at the sleeves, coming down to just above his elbows. A single coat-tail extends down the back of the opened vest.

Kevlar-battery-weave gauntlets of the same type of the vest armor adorn Seraphim's hands, being slightly oversized and strapped down. However, on the knuckles and top of the hand, there are ceramic plates, also known as 'trauma plates', usually used in ballistic armor, but serve very well as bludgeoning weapons, if needed.

His baggy cargo pants are silk, and are kept firmly in place by a leather belt, although the boots he wears cuts them off at a couple inches below the knees, causing them to drape slightly over his boots.

The boots are possibly one of the most unique parts of Seraphim's 'armor', using the same Kevlar-battery-weave, but with comfortable gel inlay, as well as ceramic blast tile soles, with micro-jets inside. These additions cause it to have a completely different usage. The integrated batteries drain power from the entire suit to create brief plasma jets, similar to those used on a scramjet, blasting as quick and almost unnoticeable blue glows. (Aside from the prominent black scorch marks on the ground, of course.)

Seraphim is not currently aware of the existence of his support program, and simply refers to his armor as a leveled upgrade that he's received from his battles. The core of the support program is currently assimilating itself with Seraphim's base core data. If his 'armor' is dismissed, per-say, the batteries merely stop collecting power, and the raw Kevlar weave is made much more ineffective. If Seraphim takes on another appearance, say a cross, His S.U. models to that graphics change, changing itself to fit the occasion.

Support Program Basic Abilities:

Speed+: V1: +1 Max action for SP. [+5 Levels to SP] [Cost: 100 Bugfrags]
Speed+: V2: +1 Max action for SP. [+5 Levels to SP] [Cost: 200 Bugfrags]

Support Program 'Special' Abilities:

Team: Mobility Junction: quips to the allied target in a form that improves agility, such as shoes or a vehicle. The Mobility Junctioned SP grants as many passive Movements per turn to the wearer as the SP has actions, or as many passive Dodges per turn to the wearer as half of the number of the SP's actions (rounded down, minimum 1). If the SP has Flight: Planeswalking, Flight: Fly, Swim, and/or Tunnel as abilities, they are granted to the wearer while the SP is in Mobility Junction. A Mobility Junctioned SP does not count as a separate target from the wearer. [100 Bugfrags]

Team: Weapon Junction:Equips to the allied target in a form that improves offense, such as a blade or a gun. The Weapon Junctioned SP provides one instance of passive Strengthen to the wearer for every 3 actions of the SP's (rounded down, minimum 1) per turn equal to the SP's attack power. If the SP has Chip Preset as an ability, the wearer can use that Battlechip as a free action. If the SP has an Element Strike and/or an Effect Strike ability, the wearer can apply them to his or her buster/regular attack. A Weapon Junctioned SP does not count as a separate target from the wearer.
((Note: Teleporting/Burrowing does not cause SPs to unjunction))

Flight: Planeswalking: Grants protection from Terrain effects as if SP had Floatshoes. The SP does not necessarily float. [200 Bugfrags]
Support Skill:Spot Check:

Spot Check is a complex mechanism that Seraphim simplifies as simply using the battle system effectively to 'Analyze' the foe and strip away their weaknesses. In reality, it is a fine-tuned device part of his military hardware that allows for him to use a mix of LIDAR, SONAR, thermal imaging, and a number of other spectrums of detection to pinpoint the location of a foe as well as create a real-time constructed image of them and deploy it to either highlight their location, create an image to imitate their location and movements while compensating for time-lag, or even create an image of them in Seraphim's own HUD while pointing it out for allies. However, creating a real-time image for both allies and Seraphim with the constant information feed is complex and energy draining and not as effective as if he had done it only for himself. In a non-combat based situation, he can use it to highlight items of importance on his HUD in order to find which ones are of importance to mission objectives. A flexible method of spotting methods, but transient. Perhaps in the future it will become stable enough to become a permanent method to the navi's arsenal.


[1:] Creates a Seeking attack that does no damage but marks an opponent with an illusion that is determined by Seraphim in whether it creates a composite image of the opponent it hits that broadcasts itself or simply creates one on Seraphim's HUD. By creating the obvious image, it improves Seraphim's accuracy, also giving him the equivalent of 3 take aims.

Turn Cooldown
3 Turn Cooldown

[100/1140 Points]

100 Points Used
Action Skill:Sunder:

Sunder is an unsubtle attack. It does not need much explanation. It is Seraphim swinging a giant mechanized sword at his opponent with great force to break defences as it activates a multitude of devices in order to maul the opponent. The beneficial part (and most definitely not for the foe) is that the miniature alternator provides a small burst of energy to charge Seraphim's systems in case he decides to deploy a charged attack, which is probably why this is utilized and then followed up. Not advised to be used against explosives.


[1:] Spectral Shot with Slashing, Impact, and Break. it also provides Buster Charge. Melee Type.

[1:] Slows Seraphim for one turn as he wields the oversized weapon.

Turn Cooldown
5 Turn Cooldown


Action Skill:Restoration:

Restoration is what Seraphim would refer to as 'White magic'. It cleanses him of some 'status effects' while simultaneously restoring the field to a pristine and undamaged layout (to be possibly destroyed again at a later date. Which may or may not be in a few seconds.) This process is similar to Seraphim's Lay on Hands skill and his Auto-Cure, which both work along the same lines. This not only 'cures' Seraphim of the most imminent threat to his system by rejecting it from his system, Seraphim extends his sphere of influence out to the actual terrain by injecting his code all along it, 'channeling' the 'white magic' into the ground. It then proceeds to read and destroy/remove all things it perceives to be an abnormality, thus making the terrain 'normal.' Not 'beneficial', so to speak, but a large improvement over terrain made up of lava or poison.


[1:] Stage change to Normal and a Status Cure.

Turn Cooldown
3 Turn Cooldown


Action Skill:Lay on Hands:

Lay on Hands is a manifestation of using energy overspill by channeling energy through the latent systems of Seraphim's buster engine and allowing its efficiency to power him while taking the extra and fine-tuning it to other uses. While Seraphim does not have fine control over patching other navis, partially due to his preconception of healing 'magic' working in a way differing than 'patching' the erased or lost code in other navis and creating links/substitute coding to avoid loops in data created by viruses. Seraphim channels energy along with bits of loose code into the other navi that scrubs their systems created by his desires. The energy lets them create patching code to their own specifications and apply it to the wounded areas. When Seraphim performs this skill, it is, however, a bit explosive in its application, as he has not learned to control the burst of energy. This is fortunate in a manner, as it allows him to create a feedback that heals himself as well as the other navi and possibly even several navis in very close proximity. The ability itself is a coincidence very similar to that of the healing abilities that rely on touch in many table-top games/turn-based role-playing games.


[1:] Creates a Blast1 Healing of 75 points along with a status cure, hitting anyone in the very close proximity. This is usually deployed by Seraphim simply channeling energy and utilizing it at a very close range. It could theoretically be applied to one of his shells and fired from his Gun-mesh-sword, but at this point it explodes before leaving his hands.

Turn Cooldown
4 Turn Cooldown

[130/1140 Points]

360 Points used
Movement Skill:Move+2:

The Move sequence boosts Seraphim's tactical options by upgrading his tactical layout of the area while boosting his reaction times, both allowing him to move and assess his environment more quickly. It all goes toward the method of improving his chances in battle, but the 'retro' name apparently comes from an ancient game Erin once played. Because of planned repeated upgrades to this particular format, the '+' denominator will change as the collective upgrade increases in power and efficiency. At the moment, the signatures have been consolidated in power for increased processing, although lowering their maximum output, their efficiency and modular capacities have been increased.


[1:] Seraphim passively gains 2 Movements per round.

Turn Cooldown
-This Signature is Passive, and thus does not have a Cooldown.


Movement Skill:Haste:

Haste is a staple move from most role-playing games and anything involving magic. It speeds up movement, and is generally useful in every area, no matter what the specialty of the recipent. In Seraphim's case, it is a small overclocking of his processing unit that ups his reaction time when attacks are launched in his direction. Due to base speed and agility, this aids him in dodging attacks even quicker. He simply refers to it as a constant passive casting of haste upon himself, and is content to let it go at that.


[1:] Seraphim passively gains 1 instance of Haste per round.

Turn Cooldown
-This Signature is Passive, and thus does not have a Cooldown.


320 Points Used
Reaction Skill:Auto-Cure:

Auto-Cure is simpler than most of Seraphim's systems. By keeping a constant stream of antiviral software that loops in Seraphim's body at the subcutaneous level, it reacts to any intrusions by automatically rejecting them without Seraphim having to even consciously know that anything has occurred. He can simply close out the majority of baseline infections and bugs by a classification system that processes the function and decides what gets in and out, something like a semi-sentient firewall. This software constantly updates itself upon the advent of new material and crossreferences its sources with at least ten others to make sure that they are legitimate. It is, however, not immune to brute force attacks, as its main strength relies on rushing immediately to the source of the infection and locking it out before anything can happen. Several simultaneous attacks could slow or annul its functions by simple overkill.


[1:] Passive Status Cure.

Turn Cooldown
-This Signature is Passive, and thus does not have a Cooldown.

[120/1140 Points]

Reaction Skill:Bracers of Armor:

Bracers of Armor is an oscillating detection field projected out at about two meters away from Seraphim through methods of harmonic frequency. Whenever an attack is launched at Seraphim and his field detects it, the Bracers of Armor respond by creating an intense shunting force through oscillating fields that constantly hit the projectile with small amounts of force or refractions of light that cause shunting of the force in the attack. It only takes a small amount of power, but the return rate on this particular item is rather small at the moment. Seraphim perceives it as a simple enchanted item that serves to protect him rather than the complex marvel that it is.


[1:] Passive 20 HP Barrier.

Turn Cooldown
-This Signature is Passive, and thus does not have a Cooldown.

[80/1140 Points]

Reaction Skill:Rune Shroud:

Rune Shroud creates a form of ablative, composite, reactive armor that uses shaped charges as well as stripping itself away in order to deflect threats that would otherwise be hitting Seraphim. In essence, it is disposable armor that regenerates constantly, something that would be invaluable on a real battlefield. For Seraphim, it's a simple thing to upkeep and utilize consistently in order to reduce damage that would otherwise be hitting him. It appears as a faint runed glow around his normal vested armor and his pants, as well as his boots. It also creates a faint trail of runes sloughing off each time it renews itself. Perfect night light.


[1:] Passive 40 HP Casing.

Turn Cooldown
-This Signature is Passive, and thus does not have a Cooldown.

[160/1140 Points]

360 Points Used
Total 'Friend Experience Points':45 [Level 1 Cross]

Quote ('Friendship Source Points')

Humble Beginnings:  Netfrica awaits!

[3 Battles, 15 points total]

Science and Technology:  Busting in Scilabs!

[3 Battles, 15 points total]

Delicious Drama:  Trouble in Yumland!

[3 battles, 15 points total]

Personality & Appearance changes:

The system core of the navi known as Seraphim.exe, slightly draining off the energies of all around it, found and centered in on what seemed to be a navi, while weak in personality, was not so in potential. The tiny bits of data drained off the other navi helped to determine that of a "fusion" between the two, as simply assimilating data would only make Seraphim.exe more powerful to a certain extent. Taking a form of both of the navis, and altering the data slightly, it was found that Seraphim.exe's data would alter to befit the appearance slightly, as well as take on a few aspects from that other navi, while forming a slight relationship with that other navi. Unfortunately, however, Erin, when seeing this particular program appear on her PET, downloaded multiple game characters within it, including quite a couple famous ones from the previous century, as well as a couple from this one, hence altering the appearance of her navi, along with her navi's abilities and personality, as well as mindset to some extent.

RassCROSS results in a slightly changed Seraphim.exe, the navi's left hand gauntlet disappearing altogether, while the right hand one becoming more bulky, seeming to cover something. The armor becomes more encompassing, as well as a reduction in fanciful and useless decorations, though not taking them out of the picture at all, they remain a permanent fixture in his personal design. Seraphim.exe's hair also becomes significantly spikier, often referred to as "totally natural". The navi Seraphim.exe also acquires a small chain necklace with what appears to be an orb hanging from it, which alters in colors, shifting constantly. Seraphim.exe refers to this constantly as an "item of important plot significance", and will not let it out of his possession. In reality, this item is the containment unit of the three "personalities" of R.A.S.S., whom Seraphim.exe has acquired these from. The personalities have been significantly corrupted by both the fooling around of Erin, as well as Seraphim's original program altering them. Seraphim.exe himself has been altered by R.A.S.S.' personality, becoming significantly quieter at times, especially when healing, and refers to himself as the "last of his kind", and makes multiple references to a loved one dying. He uses his giant sword unit much more often, referring to it as a "Omega Blade". It causes him to seem as a completely different navi, in both personality and presence, his words presented differently, his attitude far more depressed. In the time of formation into this 'Cross', the base Seraphim.exe is put into a waitstate and is basically replaced by the new personality of the cross. Seraphim knows none of this, and only has blurry memories of the time while in the cross.

The personalities of R.A.S.S. have been obviously transferred over, as they assist in battle, and improve the strengths of their wielder, but in Seraphim.exe's case, they seem to be a more of a joke.

4RG0 has become what seems to be a entire fighting game reference, telling Seraphim.exe that he should use "Up Down Side B" and such references, yelling loudly the phrase "K.O.!" Or "T.K.O.!" or even "Mortality!" whenever Seraphim.exe defeats a virus. Along with all these, 4RG0 also manifests as a voice in Seraphim.exe's head rather than anything else, such as turning R.A.S.S.' arm green, simply causing Seraphim.exe to think that he may be hallucinating. 4RG0 does help often, however, and Seraphim.exe is appreciative of this voice in his head assisting him in combat. 4RG0 is known to be coarse as well as belligerent at times, but is a general help, throwing in side comments when he can.

T3M has been reduced/improved to what appears to be a mockery of all tutorial beginnings in games, this voice in Seraphim.exe's head annoying the navi to no end. T3M constantly spouts things such as "As you may see, you can hurt Viruses by hitting them with your sword." T3M does assist in combat, fortunately, providing such things as scans of the enemy to see their hit points and such, as well as giving a full analysis of spells and strategies, but her obviousness and her inconvenience makes her usefulness annoying to Seraphim.exe, and he rarely refers to her, as she always refers to him. Constantly.

1SHM34L has been rather altered to a series of mishmash characters from first-person-shooter video games, and announces things like "Headshot!", "Double Kill!", "Triple Kill!", "Godlike!", and even "Frag!". Seraphim.exe does not know what any of these mean, and doesn't ask, rather worried about this voice. Fortunately, 1SHM34L is rather quiet and serious besides these, causing Seraphim.exe to breath a sigh of relief that this voice doesn't seem to be totally insane like the others. Seraphim.exe refers to this voice the most often, asking it for assistance, as he believes it's the smartest idea, rather than T3M, who is a persistent annoyance, or 4RG0, who constantly tells Seraphim.exe to try things such as "Down Right B!".


-Normal Element
-Recover Subtype
-+10 to all Normal-Element chips.
Total 'Friend Experience Points':45 [Level 1 Cross]

Quote ('Friendship Source Points')

Humble Beginnings:  Netfrica awaits!

[3 Battles, 15 points total]

Science and Technology:  Busting in Scilabs!

[3 Battles, 15 points total]

Delicious Drama:  Trouble in Yumland!

[3 battles, 15 points total]

Personality & Appearance changes:

Seraphim.exe has seemingly been around Meleeman.exe long enough to absorb enough data, taking the time to format it into the form of a cross, after time and it has finally settled, creating its very own form in the way of M.E.L.E.E. Synthesis, short for Monohybrid Eidolon Loop Error Exploiter Synthesis, which causes Seraphim.exe to literally employ methods to hack the time of the net itself, mostly for personal effect or to create dramatics. Seraphim.exe's base program is shut down to be replaced with the personality of someone, if at all possible, more into justice and heroics than Seraphim.exe is. The new persona is determined to stop evil in all its forms, and while it does not have the extensive knowledge that Seraphim.exe does, it does know things such as the Power of Friendship, along with the Power of Courage, with many other clichéd remarks. The new format is very 'family based', referring to allies as 'bro', or denying them the name of 'brother' when they are 'not worthy of it'.

The transformation of Seraphim.exe's base imaged model involves the complete transformation of his upper coat, making it into a complete black and red overcoat, undone and without sleeves. Its collar is folded, and has what looks like linked glasses lenses in a skull on the back, which are encased in that of a stylized fireball. The same design appears on the right shoulder of the overcoat, sans the skull. On the front is a giant red M, separated by the opening of the jacket. Seraphim.exe is depicted as not wearing a shirt underneath the overcoat, showing a fit musculature but wrapped in some bandages near the waist. At the neck, there is what looks to be a choker with a watch face on it, showing the time constantly, but not always what the usual time looks to be. Seraphim.exe's hair becomes longer, darker and spikier, the antennae-like-protrusion of hair hanging out to the side. Oversized gauntlets encase M.E.L.E.E.'s hands, steaming when he performs his attacks, as well as sometimes bursting into 'soulful flames'. On the center of the gauntlet's hands is a timer, which is how he both controls and tells how much time is left for each effect. Seraphim.exe's leggings alter into proper pants, with a dual belt, crossed to hold them in place properly. His shoes remain their dramatic iron-skidding based, just in case the hero needs to skid to a stop dramatically properly. Additionally, M.E.L.E.E. has a pair of goggles which rest around his neck, occasionally drawn up to his eyes for protection or dramatics.


-Fire Element
-Break Subtype
-+10 to all Fire-Element chips.

Quote (M.E.L.E.E. Möbius Skill)

M.E.L.E.E. Möbius System:Mach Speed!:

Mach Speed! is a simple overclocking of the M.E.L.E.E., causing it to move at speeds usually unheard of for a navi, enabling the user to use that speed to do things such as close in on an opponent, get in the proper place for an attack, charge, even shift position and lunge for a jab. M.E.L.E.E. generally refers to the attack with terms such as 'the power of our hearts', or 'overload!'  While the attack can help to barrage the foe with attacks, the speeding up actually begins to burn M.E.L.E.E.'s skin from moving at such high speeds.


[1:] 1 Haste for 1 turn.

[2:] 2 Free Actions (Tactical Movement) for 1 turn.

[3:] 15 Lifeburn.

Turn Cooldown
-2 CD

(Note: I do believe there's another 5 points floating around somewhere, but I'll deal with that later.)
Total 'Friend Experience Points':165 [Level 3 Cross]

Personality & Appearance changes:

To the operating system of Seraphim, which broke the usefulness of Druidman's addition into parts, it categorized Druidman's usefulness as a 'class.' This 'class' was already taken by a predetermined position, so the similarities would have to be utilized while using a differing 'class' to fill the role. The choice was randomized and Rogue was decided on.

This 'Thief'-type was in a slight pinch as it utilized the powers of Druidman, but seemed to be slightly underpowered due to this. Thus, it took on the aspects of channeling the effects of greenery in order to fulfill the job of a thief. The utilized
Dungeon Raiding Utility, and used for Inducing Delusion was in process.

The personality change that takes place is one that is that of some kleptomanic design, but it knows its place. It has courage that will go into place once used. The framework of the mind has self-preservation as its highest value, and will nearly go to any means to preserve that rather than that of friends. Selfish would be the correct word, perhaps. Although friends are indeed important, the preservation of oneself is the most important thing to take place. After all, as the airlines once put up on their cautionary videos- 'Secure your mask before helping others.'

The costume design is far more dramatic in changing. A bandanna covers the redesigned navi's hair, secured at the back of the neck. It drapes partially over the forehead, leaving the navi's cowlick to come out the back of the flaring bandanna. A long mantle covers the other half of the navi's face, concealing the identity for any who wish to find out. The mantle also drapes over the chest and thus the emblem of the navi. The armor is simple and functional, only having a couple studs of steel in proper places to prevent and deflect blows more easily. The gauntlets are replaced with fingerless leather gloves, as to make pickpocketing more easy. The only true notable feature of the navi is the leather boots, similar to the rest of the navi, with bottoms that clomp loudly on almost any surface. However much they make noise, they can be silenced and let to be almost completely soundless.


-Wood Element
-Normal Subtype
-+20 to all Wood-Element chips.
-+40 HP
+1 Action (Cap 7)


Quote (D.R.U.I.D. Skill)

D.R.U.I.D. System:Pickpocket:

Pickpocket is one thing. A crime. It's the act of stealing from another. It's quite easy to do, too. With the legerdemain that comes with being an expert rogue with magical abilities, the D.R.U.I.D. system allows the navi to simply bump into another navi, and in the confusion simply have what's in the poor victim's pockets simply-- go astray. They're no longer needed any longer. The transaction is complete.  It may be somewhat questionable in terms, but the personality in control doesn't care too much. No real harm done for the benefactor, and Profit ain't too dirty of a word.


[1:] Telekinesis, Knockback

Turn Cooldown
-3 CD


Quote (D.R.U.I.D. Skill)

D.R.U.I.D. System:Cardboard Box:

Cardboard Boxes. Everyone has had one at one time or another. They played with it, using it as a sled, a house, a time machine... who knows. Only the imagination limits the things that can be made into with a cardboard box. However, a cardboard box can be used as quite an effective means of concealing oneself from the enemy, and limiting their sight of you. Especially with the means of psionic usage in order to 'divert' their attention a fair bit. It works well as a temporary distraction, and can even be folded up and taped. If you have a preference to being sent to a random country.


[1:] 50 HP Hollow Cardboard Box. Large enough for a navi to hide inside and move very slowly on the ground. It's big enough for two, but it'd be very cramped. The box produces a passive 'Illusion' effect, which can range from making the box seem absolutely normal, to an explosive distraction somewhat far in the distance.

[2:] Recovery Time Nerf, Sacrifice Nerf.

Turn Cooldown
-5 CD

This Graphic Model Override fulfills the 'Swimsuit' portion of gaming, Seraphim's swimwear isn't quite for 'fanservice'. Not quite, anyway. The navi's armor disappears, leaving him with a pair of blue boardshorts with white lines going down the sides at the hips. His hairstyle also changes into a more swept-back appearance, his cowlick-antennae thing acting as some strange forelock. Goggles are looped around his forehead, above his eyebrows and ready to be pulled down if he's going for a swim. The goggles themselves are jointed in the center and have frames of metal with a silicone seal.

In the place of his sword, the navi uses a beach umbrella. When he isn't facing viruses, he can simply plant it in the sand and open it up for presto relaxation. In the stead of his gun, the Umbrella also functions. In a form similar to the Bulgarian Umbrella, it fires projectiles through a 1-shot compressed air system. However, it is not as small in its firing, being able to fire things about to a tennis ball in diameter. Its loading mechanism is similar to a blunderbuss, but slightly more efficient, using top of the line imaginative-technology to engineer the compression system, which can be loaded in one smooth pull, and the ammunition merely needs to be placed in the slot.

Zenny: 4480
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<select name="Whatever you're putting info about">
<option value="description">Erin Nagasaki
<option value="xxx">Key Items:
<option value="xxx">-PET
<option value="xxx">-Way of the Swordy by Bladia8
<option value="xxx">SubChips:
<option value="xxx">-MiniEnergyPack:4
<option value="xxx">-EnergyPack:2
<option value="xxx">-Escape:1
<option value="xxx">-Unlocker:1
</select></form></div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('EonOmega3'); void(0);">Chips</a><div id="EonOmega3" class="signaturetab"><form><select name="Whatever you're putting info about"><option value="description">Folder1: 29/30
<option value="xxx">-BusterUP (1) Dmg: N/A
<option value="xxx">-Wind (2) Dmg: N/A
<option value="xxx">-LilBomb (1) Dmg: 50+Blst2
<option value="xxx">-Shotgun (1) Dmg:50
<option value="xxx">-RageClaw (1) Dmg:40
<option value="xxx">-Elecknife (1) Dmg: 60
<option value="xxx">-Stepsword (1) Dmg: 120
<option value="xxx">-Widesword (1) Dmg:80
<option value="xxx">-FireSword (1) Dmg:80
<option value="xxx">-FireHit1 (1) Dmg:60
<option value="xxx">-Cannon (1) Dmg:40
<option value="xxx">-Elecreel1 (1) Dmg:80
<option value="xxx">-Thunder1 (2) Dmg:40
<option value="xxx">-Magbolt1 (3) Dmg:90
<option value="xxx">-MarkCannon1 (2) Dmg:70
<option value="xxx">-Varitail (2) Dmg:9*10
<option value="xxx">-Cornbomb (1) Dmg:50*2
<option value="xxx">-HeatShot (1) Dmg:40
<option value="xxx">-Phoenixshot1 (2) Dmg:70
<option value="xxx">-Icewave2 (1) Dmg: 100
<option value="xxx">-Sonicwave (1) Dmg: 80
<option value="xxx">-RollArrow1 (1) Dmg: 50
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('EonOmega4'); void(0);">Seraphim.exe</a><div id="EonOmega4" class="signaturetab">Netnavi:[URL=]Seraphim[/URL]
<select name="Whatever you're putting info about">
<option value="description">Seraphim||Level 31||Target||200 HP||Atk:5||Chrg:5||Rpd:5
<option value="xxx">Signature Attacks:
<option value="xxx">-[S:] Elemental Blade
<option value="xxx">-[S:] Æther Drive
<option value="xxx">-[S:]
<option value="xxx">-[G:] Arc Shot
<option value="xxx">-[G:] Flux Burst
<option value="xxx">-[G:] Harmonic Surge
<option value="xxx">-[C:] Move + 3
<option value="xxx">-[C:]
<option value="xxx">-[C:]
<select name="Whatever you're putting info about">
<option value="description">Soul Crosses:
<option value="xxx">-R.A.S.S. Assimilated-[Tier 1]
<option value="xxx">--+10 [Normal Chips]
<option value="xxx">-M.E.L.E.E. Assimilated-[Tier 1]
<option value="xxx">--+10 [Fire Chips]
<option value="xxx">-D.R.U.I.D. Assimilated-[Tier 3]
<option value="xxx">--+30 [Grass Chips]
<select name="Whatever you're putting info about">
<option value="description">Support Unit:
<option value="xxx">-BugFrags: 0
<option value="xxx">-Level: 19
<option value="xxx">-Element: Fire
<option value="xxx">-Subtype: Wind
<option value="xxx">-Hit Points: 80
<option value="xxx">-Attack: 10
<option value="xxx">-Actions: 2
<option value="xxx">-Abilities:
<option value="xxx">--Mobility Junction
<option value="xxx">--Planeswalking
<select name="Whatever you're putting info about">
<option value="description">-BeastOUT:
<option value="xxx">-N/A
<option value="xxx">-N/A
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('EonOmega5'); void(0);">Upgrades</a><div id="EonOmega5" class="signaturetab">Upgrades:
<option value="xxx">-HP Memory:5
<option value="xxx">-Navicust:90/90
<option value="xxx">-NaviCustexp:10
<option value="xxx">-Speed+1:3 (e)
<option value="xxx">-Rapid+1:4 (e)
<option value="xxx">-Charge+1:4 (e)
<option value="xxx">-Attack+1:4 (e)
<option value="xxx">-UndrSht:1 (e)
<option value="xxx">Unused Navicust:
<option value="xxx">--None</select></form></div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('EonOmega6'); void(0);">Quotes (Ego Pad)</a><div id="EonOmega6" class="signaturetab">
"Strange, deranged, deluded, hallucinating, nonsensical, and humorous. Next question? :'D" -PaladinGC on Seraphim
"Eon is teh uberevil. D:"-Heat Sonata
"That... is... SO COOL!" -Twi
"[color=brown]Also, Eon... That's bloody brilliant.[/color]"-Shuryou
"RassCross Seraphim is the 1337est thing ever"-Aim
"I do enjoy reading Eon's RassCross posts :P"—Skyrender
"Nice, Eon, nice." -English Ninja
"Eon, that is some funky shit :'D- English Ninja
"Seraphailure. :'D"-English Ninja
"holy fuck, Eon got good D:"-English Ninja
"Holy cow. That is awesomeness in paper form."-SpaceMonkeySteve

"[color=gray]Eon, I want your babies.[/color]" -Shuryou
"Is it okay if I bear your children?"-SpaceMonkeySteve
"Eon eats babies."-English Ninja

[b]Zen Quotes[/b]

"your lucky numbers are 4, 6, and 35"-Skyrender
"Well, everyone's cynical when people are involved. <__<" -Bomber

Key Items:
[Drakim Cookie]:1
[Drakim's Approval to exist. [DrakimSeal]]
[SIZE=0]I took my power in my hand
and went against the world;
'twas not so much as David had,
but I was twice as bold.
I aimed my pebble, but myself  
was all the one that fell.
was it Goliath was too large,
or only I too small?[/SIZE]
-Emily Dickinson