Name: StealthMan.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Null
Type: Sword

Appearance: StealthMan has black shorts a white stripe going through it, a grey long sleeved coat. He has a Red Bandanna like his operators with StealthMan's Emblem on it. His emblem looks like an Z coming out of the side of a star. He also has a Long black wolf tail. He has a grey long glove on his left arm that can turn into his "Stealth" buster, but under it he has a hand with claws coming out of his fingers. He has wolf ears on his head coming out of his bandanna.

Personality: Very close to his operator. Never lets his allies down. Can be sassy at times, and is always anxious to fight even though he over-extends himself. Sam constantly remind him that he isnt THAT strong.

Custom Weapon: StealthGun.
Signature Attack: StealthSword (3 Times at 20 Damage each DMG + 2 Turn Cool-down) StealthMan gets out his magnificant sword, and runs up to the enemy(s) and swipes 3 times at 20 Damage each swipe.

Extra: He only takes off his gloves when he is in danger because it hurts and uses up a lot of energy when he uses his powerful claws.