Name: Crimson.Exe

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Sword

Appearance: Crimson is a humanoid Navi, standing at the equivalent of 6'2" and weighs 215lbs. He is lean, though athletic; built more for speed than power. He has pale skin with dark eyes and raven hair cropped short, only about an inch long. He wears a blood red, sleeveless gi under a black leather breastplate. He wears black leather boots and gloves with hardened leather greaves covering his shins and wrist guards. The black armor is tied on with scarlet bands. Over this outfit is a long, tattered black cloak with ripped and frayed ends and a large hood that, when pulled up, casts his face in shadows. A black leather belt is strapped around his waist, holding his sword in place at the small of his back. The sword is at a diagonal with the hilt sticking out on Crimson's right side. Crimson generally carried his scythe, though he can strap it to his back if needed.

Personality: Crimson is a fairly enigmatic figure. He keeps to himself most times, generally in an effort to keep his career a secret. However, he is not adverse to small talk and chatting with others. In fact, it is a talent he relies on in order to get close to some of his more difficult targets. Crimson has no qualms about deleting other Navi and holds no illusions of righteousness. He knows that some of the Navi that he deletes deserve their fate; however, he is equally aware that the vast majority of them are fools who got in the way of someone willing to pay for "obstacle removal".

Custom Weapon: Crimson uses two weapons; a scythe and a sword.

Signature Attack: Soul Reaper - Crimson uses his scythe to drain the life force from his opponents and restore some of his own. (Life Drain [-60 Points] to deal 30 DMG and heal Crimson by 30.) 2TCD